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Is Medical Mutual a scam?


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"Medical Mutual is a respected and credible insurance agency. However, with the new healthcare reform, there are more and more 'scammers' looking to sell worthless health insurance policies. Before buying any insurance policy, do the due diligence and research every aspect of the policy you're buying."


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The population of Medical Mutual of Ohio is 2,009.

Medical Mutual of Ohio was created in 1934.

Does walmart vision center accept medical mutual eye insurance

Yes Medical Mutual does offer a prescription insurance plan called Medco. It gives you the option to order online or through the mail. If you have doubts if you are covered you just need to check your Medical Mutual ID Card. It will have the Medco group number showing you have prescription drug coverage.

Yes someone can purchase mutual funds from Charles Schwab. You have to be very carefull in this situation however everything is not what you think it is it may be a scam so watch out.

"Medical Mutual offers many health plans depending on what you need. They have family plans, drug only plans, and even pet care plans. It is designed to fit your family."

Becoming a Medical Assistant is a scam. You work hard, go to school, to find out that there is no job or they are paying you minimum wage. These medical facilities are just taking advantage, making you do all the work and raking in all the money. Per hour a medical facility will average 1,500 dollars profit per employee. So a medical assistant will make 9 to 18 dollars an hour while the facility will make 1500 off of you alone. Such a scam that they are pulling over on these poor people.

There are many good medical insurance companies in the United States, such as, Blue Shield/Blue Cross, Aetna, Celtic and Health America. Medical Mutual has a high 5 star rating from the US News. It boasts of 42 plans and has been listed as one of the best health insurance companies.

I am wondering the same thing. I read someone thought it was a scam. But, I do not know that for sure...

I wouldn't trust my doctor as much if he or she took online courses to get his or her degree in the medical field. I honestly cannot say if they are scams or not, but definitely not as trustworthy.

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no it is not a scam

Unfortunately your money is as good as gone. But you can warn others about these scams. Other scam websites this same scam group run: is 100% scam is 100% scam is 100% scam is 100% scam is 100% scam is 100% scam is 100% scam is 100% scam is 100% scam is 100% scam is 100% scam is 100% scam is 100% scam is 100% scam is 100% scam Report internet frauds: FBI - REPORT INTERNET FRAUD

it is not a scam. i played it since august 31, 2008 and it is not a scam

Definitely not a scam.

Is moonpigcom a scam?

Is is scam

A scam is a scam. Talk to whoever you reported it to if you've new information.

The best and most known company that offers business medical and medical insurance in US is MetLife. Some other companies that offer business and medical insurance in US are Liberty Mutual Group, All State, Travelers and many more.

As of may 2009 there are 38 asset management companies operating in india: 1 AIG Global Investment Group Mutual Fund 2 Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund 3 Benchmark Mutual Fund 4 Bharti AXA Mutual Fund 5 Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund 6 Canara Robeco Mutual Fund 7 DBS Chola Mutual Fund 8 Deutsche Mutual Fund 9 DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund 10 Edelweiss Mutual Fund 11 Escorts Mutual Fund 12 Fidelity Mutual Fund 13 Fortis Mutual Fund 14 Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund 15 Goldman Sachs Mutual Fund 16 HDFC Mutual Fund 17 HSBC Mutual Fund 18 ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund 19 IDFC Mutual Fund 20 ING Mutual Fund 21 JM Financial Mutual Fund 22 JPMorgan Mutual Fund 23 Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund 24 LIC Mutual Fund 25 Mirae Asset Mutual Fund 26 Morgan Stanley Mutual Fund 27 PRINCIPAL Mutual Fund 28 Quantum Mutual Fund 29 Reliance Mutual Fund 30 Religare AEGON Mutual Fund 31 Religare Mutual Fund 32 Sahara Mutual Fund 33 SBI Mutual Fund 34 Shinsei Mutual Fund 35 Sundaram BNP Paribas Mutual Fund 36 Tata Mutual Fund 37 Taurus Mutual Fund 38 UTI Mutual Fund

NO! It's a scam. Only a board certified MD using specialized medical laser equipment can tremove a tattoo.

a scam in share market called the share market scam.

Ok, How can i Scam.. When u scam ur getting banned so dont try to scam people LOL!

Mutual Life Insurance can be bought at many insurance places. Mutual insurance can be purchased with Mutual of Omaha, Liberty Insurance, Navy Mutual and Northwestern Mutual. Mutual insurance means that the insurance company is owned sole by policyholders.

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