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Is Medusa good?

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Medula was evil, this is attributed to the fact that she was ugly. She was evil because she was not immortal like her two sisters.

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What good things did Medusa do?

There are many good things about Medusa. For example __________. Also, __________. This is why Medusa is a good person.

What is an upside down bowl shaped cnidarian?

You have described body plan of a medusa...... and a jellyfish is a good example of a medusa.

Is Medusa evil of good?

Medusa is a snake woman that is the queen of the gorgon sisters, yes she is very evil! If you look at her in the eyes, she will turn you into a stone.

Would left lip piercing look ok with a medusa piercing?

Yes, a left lip piercing would look good with a Medusa. I have my Medusa, Snakebites, Septum, Right Nostril, etc... If anything, get more! :-)

Is getting a Medusa tattoo bad luck?

I wouldn't say so because my ant's best friend has a Medusa on her, and she has a lot of good luck. So my answer is no.

Was Rhea Medusa?

No, Rhea was not Medusa. Rhea was a Titan. Medusa was a Gorgon.

How did Medusa become Medusa?

Poseidon was Medusa's boyfriend and they were hanging out in Athena's temple. Then Athena turned Medusa into Medusa.

Is medusa from soul eater good or bad?

Medusa-sama is very, very evil. She abused her son (or daughter) Chrona and tries to create another kishin

What is Medusa the goddess of?

Medusa was not a goddess; she was killed by the hero Perseus. Medusa was a gorgon.

What does the name 'Medusa' mean?

Medusa means "queen" or "guardian".

Is medusa a constalation?

No, Medusa is not a constellation.

What were Medusa and her sisters called?

Medusa was called Medusa... She had two sisters; Euryale and Stheno. They were the three Gorgons. Euryale and Stheno were immortal. Medusa was not.

What god was medusa before she got turned into medusa by Athena?

Medusa was always a goddess called Medusa, if she was a goddess Athena only cursed her.

What produces a medusa?

medusa and her gorgon sisters were nymphs posiedon was "dating" medusa athena caught them in her temple and turned medusa and her sisters into gorgons

Who were Medusa and her sisters?

Medusa and her sisters were Gorgons.

What does Medusa give?

what did medusa like to see

When was The Medusa created?

The Medusa was created in 2001.

What animal is a medusa?

A Medusa is a type of jellyfish

What was Medusa lover of?

Poseidon was lover of Medusa.

How do you spell Medusa in Greek?

Μέδουσα (Medusa).

Is Poseidon a good guy?

No one knows, He is a Big Jerk tho cause he made love to the worst person ever ... Medusa yep Medusa people might think Medusa is Ugly but she was beautiful until Athena goddess of Wisdom found her Uncle Poseidon making love to Beautiful Medusa in Athena's temple that made her furious so Athena cursed Medusa into a gorgon with hair as snakes

Was posidon mad at what Athena did to Medusa?

No he was not mad because he was turned to stone when he stared at Medusa. Then was alive again and Made love to Medusa and had 500000 children then He dumped Medusa for another god because Medusa was UGLY

Does Medusa's have a relationship with another god est?

yes medusa had a good relationship with perseus.

How is Medusa different from rondanini?

It's not. That's how you say Medusa in Latin. Medusa however came from the Greek.

What did Aphrodite do to Medusa?

Aphrodite turned Medusa into an ugly beast we people said Medusa was prettier than her

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