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Yes his parents are Turkish and he reads reads the Quran before every footy match.

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From there current national team there are 2. Sami Khedira and Mesut Ozil.

There are many Muslim players in La Liga but the best of them is Mesut Ozil.

The Twitter handle for Mesut Ozil who is an Arsenal and German player is @MesutOzil1088.

Yes he is a Muslim and it is known that he reads the Quran before every soccer/football match. His parents are from Turkey.

no , he is married to a German model and have a kid

Ibrahim affelay, eric abidal, mesut ozil, karim benzema, and i THINK sami khedira..... AN MORE!

Mesut Ozil from Germany, who currently plays for the Spanish premiera La Liga: REAL MADRID. He originally has a Turkish background. Mesut ozil recites the quran after he scores a goal.

Yes Mesut Ozil is of Turkish decent.But plays for Germany and Real Madrid.

The spelling Ozil (Özil) is a surname, notably Mesut Özil, Turkish-German soccer player.

Mesut Özil (born October 15, 1988 in Gelsenkirchen) is a German footballer who, as of December 2013, plays for Arsenal F.C., having joined them from Real Madrid in 2013.

ozil can run the 100 metres in 9.86 seconds

There is no Real Madrid player by the name of Ozio. If you mean Mesut Ozil, he if German with Turkish descent.

Mesut Ozil has played for Schalke 04, Werder Bremen, Real Madrid and Arsenal, but never Bayern Munich.

Yes! he is a muslim. His parents are from Turkey. And he recites Holy Quran before and after every football or soccer match.

yes surely he is kurdish from Kurdistan-Turkey

torres is way better, are you kidding me.

German immigrants have had many successes. There are many German immigrants that own their own businesses and have made successful careers for themselves. Mesut Ozil and Sami Khedira are German immigrants that have become great footballers.

Mesut Ozil is currently 21 (Checked on 06/30/2010 3:48 PM)

i think it was somewhat around 2,000,000,000 a day

There are many very good Germans but this year (2010) Ozil is the best.

No he isn't beccause his dad's side is from the African nations. And his mom was born in America. But both of his brothers were born in Ireland. But he was born in China. So he is very multicultural person.

i read she is Muslim now ... because she is in a relationship with Ozil the German soccer player and he is Muslim so she became Muslim but i just read that in a website so im not sure 100% :)