Is Mexico City a megacity?

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Yes. With a population of 21.16 million, it is considered the third largest city in the world, and one of several 'megacities' found troughout the globe.
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Where is Mexico City?

Mexico city is located at coordinates: 19°26N 99°8W. It is the largest city in Mexico. See related link for a picture of it's location.

What is a megacity?

A megacity is characterized by several important factors: 1. They are not neccessarily world cities, known as such, and withhistoric aspects such as Rome; 2. They have a hig

What is the Mexico City?

It is the economic, cultural and political capital of Mexico. With a population of 21.16 milion and located in the Central Mexican Plateau (the Mexican highlands), it is consi

Why is Tokyo a megacity?

A megacity is a city with more than 10 million people living there. Tokyo is a megacity because more than 10 million people live

Is Moscow a megacity?

Moscow is the biggest city in Europe. To be a mega city, the city must have at least 10 000 000 inhabitants. Moscow has a population of 14 744 150: It is a megacity.

How many megacities are there?

As of 2007, there were 18 megacities according to "Living in theEnvironment, 15th Ed., G. Tyler Miller, Jr." See Chapter 23 onUrbanization and Transportation. It's possible th

Is Mexico City called Mexico City or Mexico when in Mexico?

Mexico city its called: Mexico city or DF. DF means Federal District I beg to differ somewhat: It's both. Quite often, Mexicans say just "México" to refer to Mex

Does Mexico have cities?

Of course. It has the largest city in the Americas (Mexico City). See related questions.
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What you can do in Mexico City?

Everything you can think of. Mexico City is the largest city in Mexico, and it is the country's economic, political and cultural capital, compared to cities such as Tokyo, New
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What is there to do in Mexico City?

Mexico City is a large city on par to places such as New York, Tokyo or London. You can visit several museums, parks and historic places within the city. Some examples include
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Is rome a megacity?

Modern Rome is not a megacity. It has a population of about three million. Ancient Rome was the biggest city in the world with a population which has been estimated at 1-1,4 m
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Mexico city is where?

It is located in central Mexico, on the following coordinates: (19.433333, -99.133333). It is also located within a political entity known as Federal District (Spanish: Distr