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Mexico is within North America, if you use the seven-continent definition (North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Antarctica). This is demonstrated by the fact that Mexico is located within the North American tectonic plate.

Mexico is however, associated with Central and even South America due to economic and cultural reasons, but this is incorrect, as Mexico's location depends upon geographical/geophysical considerations, not cultural. If you say that Mexico belongs to Central America just because it is near the bottom of North America, or that it shares traits with Guatemala or Panama, you could argue that Greenland is part of Europe just because it is only a few hundred miles from Iceland (which is firmly European) or they are protectorate of Denmark. This is also heavily rooted in discrimination and xenophobia, as many question 'how come a third world country can be grouped together with highly-developed Canada and America?'

Now, on cultural terms, Mexico is part of Latin America as much as Canada and the United States are part of Angloamerica.

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Q: Is Mexico part of North America or Central America?
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Is Mexico part of North America or Central?

North America.

Does Mexico belong to central or north America?

It is considered a part of North America, but even if it was a part of Central America, it doesn't matter because Central America is part of North America. answer: North America

What part of North America is part of Latin America?

Mexico and Central America are part of North America known as Latin America.

Which part was the Aztec on North America?

On central Mexico.

What continent is Central America geographically part of?

If central america, by your definition, is Mexico, then it belongs to North America.

Is Central America part of the north or America content?

North America ends with USA. Mexico, part of central america is more considered part of the South, due to their Latin language.

Where is Mexico north or south?

South. Canada is to the north. Mexico is part of 'Central America', which leads down to South America. Mexico is part of the continent of North America though, along with the U.S.A and Canada.

What regions are Mexico and Gautemala in?

Mexico is in North America; Guatemala is in Central America. Both are part of Latin America.

Which contienent is part of Mexico?

Mexico lies in central America and is on the NORTH AMERICAN continent

Is Central America north or south?

Central America is located in North America. It is the southernmost part of the North American continent. It includes the countries of Mexico, Nicaragua and Guatemala.

Is the area between Mexico and South America part of North America or South America?

This area you are referring to is known as Central America. Central America is a subregion of North America.

Why are Mexico and central America not considered to be a part of the north American region?

Mexico is; Central America is not. Both are however, part of Latin America, in contrast to Anglo America which spans Canada and the United States.

Is Mexico part of North or South America?

Mexico is part of North America. It is within the North American subcontinent.Mexico is part of North America (the continent).

Central America part of North America?

If you consider North America as the subcontinent where Canada, Greenland, the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America lie, yes it is.

Is mexico part of asia?

No; it is part of America, or North America if you count the Americas as two or three different continents (North, Central, South America).

Is Nicaraugua a part of Mexico?

No. They're separated by borders and are part of Central America. They are part of the North America continental plate

Is Mexico part of Central America or North America?

there are two possible points of view to answer this question Geographically: From the northern border to the tehuantepec isthmus, it corresponds to the north American land mass. This constitutes most of the Mexican territory, from the isthmus downward you could argue it to be part of central America, hence in a generalization, Mexico IS part of North America. Politically: Mexico has always been considered part of North America and not central America, hence NAFTA (acronym of North America Free Trade Agreement, which includes Canada, Mexico and the USA) Conclusion: Mexico IS part of North America

Why Mexico is no longer part of North America?

Mexico is a part of North America.

Is Mexico part of the North America or South America?

Mexico is part of North America, not South America.

Is Mexico cosidered part of South America or north America?

Mexico is part of North America.

What part of North America is the Panama canal?

Central America but yes is part of north America because central America is part of north america

What is the central part of north America?

what landform is in the central part of north america

What is the name for the seven countries between Mexico and Columbia that is geographically part of North America?

Central America.

What landform is Mexico a part of along with the remainder of Central America?

North America, or the Americas depending on your textbook.

Is central America part of the North and South American continent?

Central America is part of North America.

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