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Is Michael Jackson black or white?

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Michael Jackson had a Skin Disease called Vitiligo. It creates iregular patches of skin that can effect the DNA to become a brighter color like white, it can happend on any part of the body. Michael is Black on the Inside but on the outside Michael is White. Michael's Oldest kid: Prince Michael Jackson has SOME vitligo just like his dad. But yeah to the real question, Michael Joseph Jackson is Black on the inside and White on the Outside. He NEVER bleached his skin.

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What goes black and white black and white black and white?

michael jackson.

If you are white how can you be black?

You can be Michael Jackson.

Was Michael Jackson black or white in beat it?

He was black.

What year did Michael Jackson release Black or White?

Michael Jackson released Black or White in 1991 before he release his album dangerous

How old was Michael Jackson when he sang black or white?

When Michael Mackson sang black or white he was 33.

Who is the producer of black or white by Michael Jackson?

the producers were michael jackson and bill bottrell

Who sang black and white?

Michael Jackson

What is the song black or white by Michael Jackson about?

"Black or White" by Michael Jackson is about how people should not care about color of skin but by the content of their charecter. ;D

In which music videos was Michael Jackson white?

black or white

Who wrote Michael Jackson's black or white?

Michael Jackson wrote black or white and was released in the year of 1991

Is Stephen curry black?

50/50 black and white "Black or White" by Michael Jackson!!!!!

Was the song black or white written by Michael Jackson?

Yes, "Black and White" was written and composed by Michael Jackson.And Slash played the guitar in that song too! :)

How old was Michael Jackson in black or white?

He was 33.

Did Michael Jackson write Black or White?

Yes he did.

Is Black Or White written by Michael Jackson?

yes it is

What is a black and white color system?

Michael Jackson

Was Michael Jackson black or white when man in the mirror came out?

he was black.

What colour is Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson is White because he had a rare skin condition but he is Naturally Black!

Is Michael Jackson kids black?

No, they are half black half white because of their mothers and from Michael being black.

Was Elvis black when he died?

No, he was still white. It was Michael Jackson who was born black and died white. :(

Who sings with Michael Jackson in black and white?

Macaulay culkin

What Michael Jackson album is black or white on?

Dangerous album

Did Michael Jackson write the song Black or White?

Yes he did.

Why did Michael Jackson turn himself from black to white?

He had vitiligo.

Does it matter if you're black or white?

Not according to Michael Jackson.