Halloween (movie series)

Is Michael Myers In Pittsburgh?

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no, he is fictional. and even if he was real he would be in haddonfield illionois

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Who is stronger Michael Myers or leatherface?

Michael Myers

Is Michael Myers a girl or boy?

Michael Myers is a man.

Is Michael Myers a girl or a boy?

Michael Myers is a man

Is Michael Myers a psychopath?

Michael Myers is a psychopath.

Is Michael Myers a nonfictional character?

No, Michael Myers is a fictional character.

Does Michael Myers die in Halloween?

No, Michael Myers never dies.

How long is a flight to Ft Myers Florida from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania?

A flight from Pittsburgh to Ft. Myers will take 1 hour.

Do you like the character of Michael Myers in the Halloween movies?

Michael Myers is cute

How tall is Michael Edgar Myers?

Michael Edgar Myers is 5' 10".

How tall is Travis michael Myers?

Travis michael Myers is 5' 11".

Is Michael Myers coming on this Halloween 2011?

Michael Myers is a fictional character.

How Jamie Lloyd did the baby with Michael Myers in the curse of Michael Myers?

She was raped

DO you believe in Michael Myers?

No. Michael Myers is a fictional character in the Halloween movies. He is not real.

Is Michael Myers alive?

Michael Myers is a movie character, he was never really alive.

Is there a Michael Myers house?

No, because Michael Myers is a fictional character, not a real murderer.

How much Michael Myers weight?

Michael Myers is 5'11. Weigh 200 lbs.

Why Michael Myers can't spaek?

Michael myers dont speak because he won't speak. as you can on halloween 2 remake michael myers when get his mask off he can talk!

Which family member did Michael Myers kill in the very 1st Halloween film?

Michael Myers killed his sister, Judith Myers.

Is there a real Michael Myers?

Michael Myers from the Halloween movies is a fictional character. There is no real version of him.

When was the first Michael Myers movie?

The first Michael Myers movie was Halloween released in 1978.

Michael Myers true or fake stories?

Michael Myers is a fictional character from the movie Halloween.

Did really Michael Myers vs. Jason?

No, Michael Myers and Jason have never fought.

Why doesn't michael myers speak?

Michael myers don't speak because he dont want, on halloween 2:2009 on the michael myers death he can speak when get off his mask

What is the true story of Michael Myers?

There is no true story of Michael Myers. Michael Myers is a fictional character, not a real person. He is neither real, nor based on someone real.

Which sister does Michael Myers from Halloween kill?

Michael Myers killed his older sister Judith Myers at the beginning of the first Halloween movie.