Is Michael Phelps and Shawn Johnson dating?

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No, Michael Phelps and Shawn Johnson are not dating.
no they are not
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Who is Michael Phelps?

Michael Phelps (born June 30, 1985) is a swimmer, a US Olympic athlete who won a record 8 gold medals at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. He has a total of 14 gold medals and holds 6 world records in swimming. In 2009, he was subject to extensive (and some feel undue) media coverage for a video showi ( Full Answer )

Who is Shawn Michaels?

Shawn Michaels is retired professional wrestler who worked for the WWE for over 20 years primarily on its RAW Brand. He initially retired in 1998 because he herniated 2 discs in his spinal chord and crushed one completely in a casket match vs. The Undertaker, who ironically is the one who retired ( Full Answer )

Who is Shawn Johnson?

Shawn Johnson is an international elite gymnast who competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She won the Gold Medal on Beam and 3 Silver Medals on Floor, Team Competition, and All-Around. She was a World Champion. She won Season 8 of Dancing with the Stars with her partner Mark Ballas. She is very dow ( Full Answer )

Who is Shawn Johnson dating?

All of the past responses have been false. Shawn has not dated Mitchel Musso and certainly has not dated Mark Ballas. For one, Shawn and Mitchel were only friends. Two, Shawn and Mark were only dance partners on DWTS. Yes they are friends now, but Mark does have his own girlfriend at the time. It ( Full Answer )

Where is Michael Phelps from?

He is from Towson, Maryland and after the Bejing games he bought ahouse in Baltimore, Maryland.

When was Shawn Johnson born?

Shawn Johnson was born on January 19, 1992. Shawn Machel Johnson was born on January 19, 1992.

Is Michael Phelps dating anyone?

yes, if you type michael phelps girlfriend in google, it will answer you question WAY better than this stupid site

What is Shawn johnsons religion?

I think she is christian but I cant say for sure. It says on her myspace that she is and she acts very much like she is

What school does Shawn Johnson go to?

As of the 2009-2010 school year, Shawn Johnson is a High School Senior. She will be taking online classes to finish out her senior year due to her travel and appearance schedule. She really wanted to go to Valley High School in West Des Moines, IA for her senior year, but could not find a way to mak ( Full Answer )

Who sponsors Shawn Johnson?

She has many sponsors. You can check them out on her offical website -. Coca cola, adidas, mcdonalds, Hy-Vee, orowheat, GK elite sportswear, Willas auto campus, ortega, P&G (cover girl and secret), longines.

Where is Shawn Johnson now?

Shawn is now traveling the country with a very hectic schedule doing appearences and such. She is taking online classes to somewhat keep up with school. She wanted to be back at school for her senior year, however, due to her schedule she had to continue with the online courses. As of Nov.19, Shaw ( Full Answer )

Who is Shawn Johnsons boyfriend?

Personal information is not released to the public. Also we need to respect her privacy and not give out any information. Plus it is against WA policy to give this type of information out.

Is Shawn Johnson ticklish?

It has been said that she is ticklish on her neck and feet. However, Shawn has not said where she is ticklish.

Is Shawn Johnson a democrat or republican?

I would say that Shawn Johnson is a democrat as she supported Barack Obama. She has said that she really liked his ideas and his goals for the country. She also said the pledge at the DNC.

Shawn johnsons home address?

Personal information is not released to the public. Also we need to respect her privacy and not give out any information. Plus it is against WA policy to give this type of information out.

Is Shawn Johnson religious?

Shawn has said that she believes in God. Now as to her exact religion...that has not been confirmed. Another Possible Answer: Shawn Johnson goes to Church every Sunday. That's why she doesn't do gymnastics on Sundays.

Is Shawn Johnson cute?

This is a matter of opinion. Some find her cute and perky while others find her annoying.

How did Shawn Johnson get to the Olympics?

Shawn had trained for 16 years in gymnastics. The Olympics were never THE goal, but she had always hoped she might make it there someday. Shawn one of the youngest to become a senior elite international gymnast and went on to win the All-Around at worlds. She also won the All-Around at several other ( Full Answer )

How did Shawn Johnson become famous?

Shawn Johnson became famous in gymnastics by competing in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing china. There she went on to win the title and take home the silver all around metal, plus she got gold on beam

Does Shawn Johnson ever get nervous?

Yes Shawn does. She days she gets nervous a lot. Shawn gets nervous a lot before competing in gymnastics and more recently she gets nervous before she has to perform a dance on DWTS.

What does Shawn Johnson like?

A lot of things. This is a vague question. She likes gymnastics, sushi, friends, animals, and now dancing. The list is way too big. She loves to swim and to scrapbook, her favorite part of gymnastics is balance beam, her favorite foods are strawberries and sushi, In Iowa, governer Chet Culver decla ( Full Answer )

What is Shawn Johnsons beam dismount?

Shawn Johnson's beam dismount is a full twisting double back. I am pretty sure it is a full in back out to be exact.

Facts about Shawn Johnson?

Her favorite color is purple Her favorite food is sushi She can't live without her i-phone She started gymnastics at age 3 She is 4 11'' She is an only child Her parents are Doug and Terri Johnson She was born on January 19, 1992 She is a gymnast (duh) and SHE IS MY IDOL

Does Shawn Johnson have big breasts?

Yes, her boobs have been improved and looking good. She's sooooo Pretty!! Shawns boobs are a size 32D During the games they were a large 32A cup

Where does Shawn Johnson get her nails done?

She gets her nails done at Pro Nails EP True PKWY West Des Moines IA across from Dahl's and the person who usally does her nails is named Courtney Pham

What did Shawn Johnson contribute for the society?

She won 4 medals for for the US at the 2008 olympics including 1 gold and 3 silver. She is a spoke person for many companies such as nike and now is supports many fitness related things such as nike fitness and the xbox fitness thing. She also won many other medals in gymnastics such as 3 gold medal ( Full Answer )

How many fans does Shawn Johnson have?

Shawn Johnson has wowed millions of people but she has 3million likes on Facebook and 2.5 million followers on twitter and 5.5 million people apart of her fan club.

Does Michael Phelps have 21 Medals to date?

No, as of August 2 he has 20 medals. He can potentially have 22 after his last race on August 4...this would be 1 more than India has won all-time in Olympic medals. Zoinks!

Are Michael Phelps and Allison schmitt dating?

phelps seems to be her mentor. it also seems he is very comfortable with her and is attracted to her positive attitude. their coach commented that she was good for him in baltimore. sometimes it takes a woman to lift a guy to make him feel good about things. so.....ya never know? sometimes its best ( Full Answer )

Are Derek Hough and Shawn Johnson dating?

If they are not, they should be. They have excellent chemistry together. They danced wonderfully with each other as if they danced for a long time. When they looked at each other, there's love there.

Where does Shawn Johnson practice gymnastics at?

Although she has recently retired, Shawn trained at Chow's Gymnastics and Dance Institute in WestDes Moines, Iowa, the gym in which 2012 Olympic All Around Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas also trained.