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Is Mint safe for cats to eat?

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My cat recently ate a mint stem and I wanted to know it could possibly hurt him. I found out that the ASPCA warns that peppermint plants and oils are dangerous for felines to ingest, as their stomachs aren't capable of digesting it properly. Consuming mint can lead to liver damage, nervous system problems, gastrointestinal malfunctions and other issues for cats. Although catnip is a member of the mint family, and its not rare for a cat to express interest in other types of mint, it's best to avoid exposing them to strong minty plants, oils, and essences. Inspite of this admonition by the ASPCA, my cat is doing fine after drinking quite a bit of water.

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It is not safe for cats to eat chocolate mint. Just like dogs, cats are known to become ill after eating chocolate.

It should be. Cat mint is only a plant similar to a herb. If you grow one yourself the cat will shred it in no time.

Yes, a mint leaf is safe to eat as it has no posion that will harm the human body. Provided that there have been no harmfull chemical pesticides sprayed on the plant, then it is completely safe.

It is perfectly safe for cats to eat lettuce. Cats need greens in their diets and giving them some lettuce is a good way for them to get it.

it is a cats favorite nip and it is safe to eat

Peppermint plants are listed as a safe herb for cats. Peppermint essential oil may be hazardous to cats. Catnip is part of the mint family.

A cat can safely eat papaya. Some other safe fruits include mango, blueberries, and cranberries. It is advised to not let cats eat grapes and raisins. Most other fruits are safe.

No but they will kill them to make them feel safe.

My cats play with toilet paper. They scratch it, unroll it and roll in it. I can't get them to stop, but they don't eat it. You have a strange CAT. Septic Safe toilet paper is recycled paper with no chemicals. Should be safe to eat as long as it hasn't been used in the toilet or septic tank.

Cats can eat rice if you let them, but it holds absolutely no nutrition at all.

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Well, since cats are as likely to get sick from bad food as humans, then yes, cat food is safe for humans to eat. But this is not going without saying that you should eat it, because it's food meant for cats, not humans.

Of course. Cats pursue and eat bugs all the time. They are a good source of protein.

Planting a cat-mint (catnip) plant in your garden especially for your cats to eat and play with, can help keep them away from your other plants. Cat mint is a perennial and keeps growing back every year.

Cats are generally attracted to mint. If the peppermint tea is made with peppermint leaves, it is perfectly safe for cats. However, if the tea is made with essential oils, it can be bad for cats and should be avoided.

I think is safe for cats

yes but, if you don't then don't eat it. because some Chinese people eat dogs and cats

Yes, actually. Cats were bred for that! (But a house cat might not fair as well as a feral cat...)

yes pepermint is perfectly safe for cats.

A Christmas cactus is not poisonous towards cats. Cats can eat many types of plants and won't harm them. A Christmas cactus is a safe plant to have in homes.

Cats like to eat greens from time to time including the tops of carrots. They are safe for your cat as long as they have not been sprayed with any chemicals and if they eat too many of them it may cause vomiting.

NO. two days after a cat eats hibiscus leaves, they will have renal failure.

No,it is not safe for dogs and cats to have olive oil.

No. In my experience with cats, they love the smell of lavender and even eat it. Lavender is related to catnip and will give the cat similar effects, so if you are looking to attract cats then plant, mint or lavender.

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