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In Russian, Moscow is Москва, pronounced "Moskva".

There is confusion when English speakers read the Russian letters and think it literally says "Mockba", even though the alphabets are different.

In Russian:

M = М

О = O

С = S

К = K

В = V

А = A

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What became the new capital of Russia?

Moscow, or MOCKBA (Moskva).

What languages are spoken in Moscow Russia?

Russian.The official language of Moscow is Russian.Moscow is an International city. Hundreds of languages are spoken there.Russian language is used in Moscow.Russian.Russian

How can you watch tb6 mockba Russian channel in the internet?

yes we show your tb6 channel pls open it now

What is the language spoken in Moscow?

Russian.I think you mean "What language do they speak in Moscow?" Moscow is the capital of Russia, so they speak Russian.

Is Moscow a Russian port city?

Moscow has no sea ports.

What is the language in moscow?


How did Moscow become the center of Russian power?

Moscow became the center of Russian power by the capital. This was a large city.

What is the capital of the Russian Federation?


The kremlin is in what Russian city?


Where can you find a Russian propaganda poster in Moscow?

the Izmaylovo flea market in Moscow

What is the national emblem of moscow?

Moscow is not a nation, it is the capital city of the Russian Federation.

Is Moscow Russian capital city?

Yes, Moscow is the capital city of Russia.

How is the word Russian used in a sentence?

He is a Russian, he lives in Moscow. The Russian language is hard to learn.

Name of Russian ballet company?

Moscow Stanislavski Ballet, founded in 1929Ballet of Russia, founded in 1899Ballet Stars of Moscow Theaters Anna pavlova 1888-1931Moscow Ballet Theater founded in 1966Moscow City Ballet, founded in 1988,Moscow Classical Ballet, founded in 1966.Moscow Dramatic Ballet, founded prior to 1992 (exact date unknown)Moscow Festival Ballet, founded in 1989,Moscow Grand BalletNational Russian BalletRussian Festival Ballet, founded in 1989Russian National Ballet founded in 1956Royal Russian Balletfounded in 2008

Where is the best place to buy Russian soccer club jerseys?

e best place to buy Russian soccer jerseys is in Moscow, as it has their two big clubs c.S.K Moscow and Sparta Moscow there.

Where can you i buy old Russian propoganda posters in moscow?

Izmaylovo flea market in Moscow.

What is the main language in Moscow?

The main language of most people living in Moscow is Russian.

The Russian Empire had its origins as a small principality in the vicinity of which Russian city?


What and where is the headquarters of the Russian government?

The headquarters of the Russian government is the Kremlin, fortress, in Moscow.

What is the official language of Moscow Russia?


Where was the earliest center of Russian civilization?


What is Russias capital?

Moscow or in Russian its Moskva

Which Russian cities is the largest?

in Population Moscow.

What city is home of Russian government?


What is the largest city in the Russian Federation?