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Prophet Mohammed (SAW) was a Muslim Arab . Most of the other prophets were Jews.

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Who is the last prophet of the Islamic religion?

The last Prophet of Islam was Prophet Mohammad ( SAW)

Was Mohammed a Jew?

No. Mohammed was an Arab and an Islamic prophet.

Is Khadijah the founder of Islam?

kadijah was first wife of the islamic prophet mohammad which helped prophet in his mission a lot .

Was Mohammad a prophet of God?

According Islamic belief Muhammad (PBUH) is the last Prophet and Messenger of Allah (The God). yes

Who was Prophet Mohammad?

AnswerProphet Mohammad was the last prophet of GOD to mankind.

Who was Mohammad and why was he important?

Mohammad was the prophet of Islam. Muslims believe that Mohammad is the final prophet of Allah. Jews and Christians do not accept Mohammad as a prophet.

In which month do Muslims celebrate the birth of Prophet Mohammad?

Rabie al Awal, the third month of Islamic calendar.

When did Mohammad mother die and how old was she?

(aminah bint wahab) dead in 575 was the mother of islamic prophet mohammad in that time he was only 6 years old...... shia**** true *******

What is the name of the Muslim final prophet?

The last and final God Prophet is Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)The last and the final Prophet is called Prophet Mohammad (SAW)

Where there Cherokee Indians that were Muslim?

No, Cherokee Indians were not Muslim. Neither would they convert to Islam or follow the teachings of the Islamic prophet Mohammad.

Why don't Muslims not draw Muhammad?

Depicting the images of Prophet Mohammad is forbidden in Islam. Muslims have a deep reverence for Prophet Mohammad, thus drawing a caricature of him is considered blasphemy in Islamic countries. However, this rule does not apply to most part of the western society.

What is a last phrophet?

The last Prophet is Prophet Mohammad

Is Mohammad His prophet?

Yes, Muhammad is God's prophet.

Why prophet beloved to live in medina?

It was the prophet Mohammad.

Is Mohammad the last prophet?

Yes, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the last prophet.

What day was Mohammad s.w s born?

The Prophet Muhammad pbuh was born on Monday 10th of Muharram ( Islamic lunar calendar - 1st month)

Why is Mohammad important?

* Muhammad is the last prophet from God. * Muhammad was sent with the Divine message to the whole mankind. * Muhammad is the central figure in the Islamic faith. * Muhammad means who is the universe choose, is the Prophet of Muslims.

Names of the boys Prophet Mohammad had?

what were the name of the boys ofprophet mohammad

Why did Mohammad become a prophet?

Mohammad became a prophet because he is the perfect muslim. He learned the Qur'an and did everything in the right way.

What miracles were given to prophet Adam?

these were all miracles of prophet Mohammad not prophet Adam

Who is the prophet who started Islam?

The prophet who started Islam is Prophet Mohammad.

Why was Mohammad famous?

Mohammad was famous because he was the last prophet sent from Allah. Through an angel, Allah gave Mohammad the holy Qur'an and Five Pillars who then shared it with the Islamic faith. Mohammad composed Sharia law, which consisted of 'Hadith' (reports of what he said and approved of), Sunnah (practical examples of the Qur'an), 'Fatwas' (rules from Islamic scholars) and the holy Qur'an make up Islam's beliefs and ethics known today.

Who was Amina in relation to Prophet Muhammad?

Amina was the mother of the prophet Mohammad.

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