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Is Moss a Plant?

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Yes ,but as it consists of only cells, no vessels being formed, it is distinct from all other groups in the Vegetable Kingdom.

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What is moss plant?

Moss plant is a bryophyte

Is a moss a plant or animal?

A moss is a plant.

Is a moss a seed plant or a seedless plant?

Moss is a seedless plant. Moss reproduces by making spores.

Is moss a vascular plant?

Moss is an example of a non-vascular plant.

Is moss a land plant?

Moss is a land, nonvascular, and seedless plant.

What is a moss plant?

Moss is a plant that has no seeds or flowers, and which produces spores. There are around 14,500 known species of moss.

What is the lifespan of moss?

This depends if it is a true moss, a plant we call 'moss', or decorative moss.

Does moss belong to the plant kingdom?

yes all moss is part of the plant kingdom

Which type of plant is a NOT a vascular plant moss tulip pine tree or fern?


In the plant what does moss grow from?

new moss plant begin to grow when _are releashed

What is pete moss?

It is spelled peat moss and it is a moss which is a small, soft plant.

Is moss vertebrate or invertebrate?

Moss is not neither a invertebrate or a vertebrate. Moss is a plant.

Moss is an?

moss is a plant that consistes of olny cells

What main type of plant is moss?

moss is a spore

Is moss plant a large plant?

some moss plants can grow big some dont

What is liverwart?

It is a plant. It is a moss-like plant.

Can moss make its own food?

Yes it can; moss is a plant.

Is moss fungus?

No. Moss is a bryophyte and belongs to the plant kingdom.

What class is moss?

Moss is a type of plant in the class Bryatae

Is moss plant edible?

Moss plants are non-edible.

Why do you think that moss is a plant?

Moss is a plant because its cells contain cellulose cell walls and chloroplasts.

Is a moss a decomposer?

Moss is not a decomposer. Moss is like a plant; it uses the sun and nutrients to grow.

Is moss a flowering plant?


What is sphagnum moss?

a plant !

Is a moss a flowering plant?