Is Motorola Phone Tools compatible with Windows Vista?

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Motorola Developer USB Drivers for Vista Is a link to a download at the Motorola Developer's website. These USB modem drivers are compatible with Vista 32bit. Free Registration required. To register, go to Good luck! In order to use Motorola Phone Tools, I have found that you must first disable User Account Control (UAC). In order to do this, go to your Control Panel, and double-click on "User Accounts". At the bottom it says "Turn User Account Control on or off" click on this. It will take you to a new screen. Uncheck the option listed there. Click on OK. This should prompt you to restart you computer. Please restart your computer. Upon restart, Install Motorola Phone Tools, and use the Live Update to update to the latest version. (should be 4.04) Exit out of the program. Download the USB driver from the above link and install it. Start Motorola Phone Tools, and when it asks you to connect your phone, do so. You should have no problems using MPT now. I found that when UAC was enabled, I could not install the updates to MPT, but after I disabled it, everything went smoothly.
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Is there a way to make Windows XP compatible games to be compatible with Windows Vista?

Answer . \nMost games that are compatible with XP should be with Vista. The only difference might be how they utilize the new directX 10.\nI know I had the Release candidate version of vista and all my xp games worked with vista.\n. \nHowever some of the older games may not work as well.\n. \n ( Full Answer )

Is premiere pro 1.5 compatible with Windows Vista?

NO, it is not compatible. On most systems it will hang. It will install and activate, but you won't be able to get it running enough to deactivate it so you can load the software on another computer. If it hangs you can remove 3 Plug ins from the Premeire plug ins folder that seem to make it freeze. ( Full Answer )

Where do you download Windows Vista compatible games for free?

Vista games . The games supplied with the Windows Vista package are actually created by Oberon Gaming. If you click on the blue highlighted text in the Games menu where it says 'Developer' a window should open in your browser. While Oberon games aren't free, they do offer a free trial. Most are V ( Full Answer )

Is delta force series compatible with windows vista?

Answer . i have tried black hawk down and team sabre but they doesnt seem too work. Not even in xp compability . even though there isnt a start button to click u can start with ur desktop icon. u may have to create one. all games work except for df2. make sure u have ur patch for older df games ( Full Answer )

Where can you get Motorola Phone Tools?

Where To Buy Motorola Phone Tools Depending on what you're seeking by way of tools from Motorola, your best bet is to contact them directly or seek additional information on the internet. Motorola may require you to have either been trained or certified by them before you purchase their tools. ( Full Answer )

Which windows office is compatible with Windows Vista?

Answer . I know for sure that Office XP (2002), Office 2003, and Office 2007 are compatible. As for earlier versions, I'm not sure, but there is no point in using Office 97 these days anyway. So whatever version you choose (as long as it is not prior to 2002, it will work.

Is Microsoft Office 2001 compatible with Windows Vista Home?

Office 2001 is a Mac version, so no, it is not compatible with Windows (any version). There is no Office 2001 for windows. Office XP (2002), 2003, and 2007 are compatible. I am not sure about ffice 97 and prior. I am using the: 3.3.0 (January 26th, 2011) on my Windows 7 - 64 bit Ho ( Full Answer )

What headsets can you use on Skype that are compatible with Windows Vista?

If you use a headset with 3 mm earphone and microphone plugs, almost any one of them will do. Such a headset is completely independent from the operating system and would work on Windows XP and Vista PCs, Macs, Linux boxes, etc.\n. \nTo reduce background noise, it would be wise to choose a headset ( Full Answer )

Is there a printshop type program compatible with windows vista?

I got the Art Explosion Publisher's Pro 2.0, which said it is Vista compatible, but was not able to download past disc 1 before it quit. Tech support said Disc 2 was damaged and they would send another, but it would take around 2 weeks for the process and I was not able to download their form. This ( Full Answer )

Why does Motorola phone tools not recognize your phone?

Eureka!!! I could not MPT to recognize my RAZR V3xx no matter what I tried :( On a whim I decided to change the USB cable (after uninstalling MPT and drivers). When I used the new cable, Vista saw the new device for the first time and installed the drivers. To be sure I reinstalled the latest ( Full Answer )

Is quickbooks compatible with Windows Vista?

Quickbooks is a well designed product that survive even when there is major operating system change like xp to vista.. I am using quickbooks 2003 on a vista machine. the secret of running it is not complicated. Just install your qbooks2003. you will meet an error of installing fonts but it s not im ( Full Answer )

Is the Lexmark 2350 compatible with Windows Vista?

I have one. I can't get it to work. Found drivers that they said would work. They did not. Finally got it loaded, said everything was fine, it wasn't. So in answer to your question, as of now, NO. It will not work and Lexmark gives no tech support to this printer, doesn't even list it as one of thei ( Full Answer )

Is empire earth ii compatible with windows vista?

A quick search in google didn't turn up many people having problems with it. In general, check the system requirements for the game before buying it, and make sure your video card is supported, you have a fast enough CPU, enough RAM, and Hard drive space. Next, go to microsoft's site and check their ( Full Answer )

Is sony acid pro 5.0 compatible with windows vista?

I have acid 5.0 on vista and it acts really tweaky and has deleted some of my files i don't recommend it. I have installed Acid-Pro 5.0 on Vista, but it will not even open or run properly and now I cannot even remove it. When I try to uninstall, It will start the uninstall and then hangs at abo ( Full Answer )

Is Motorola phone tools of l7 compatible with windows vista?

I switched from XP to Vista and reinstalled my Motorola phone tools program without thinking about it. Installing the phone was kind of tricky but it eventually got through. The splash screen ended up getting frozen after installation though I think that is just because I didn't restart the system. ( Full Answer )

Is peachtree complete compatible with Windows Vista?

Peachtree complete has put up patches that are supposed to make all the peachtree products compatible with Vista. I have just tried to use the patch, and it didn't work for me. I have not heard of anyone else that has had the problem though.. Peachtree complete has put up patches that are supposed ( Full Answer )

Is empire earth compatible with windows vista?

to make empire earth work under vista, click on the property function of the ee icon on your desk top, choose compatibility, click box, insert xp pack 2, choose administrator previledge and voila! it works :). good luck

Is Microsoft picture it 7.0 compatible with windows vista?

I got it to work on a Dell XPS One with Vista Home Premium. But you will need to get a copy of file MSVCR70.DLL and paste it in the Picture It 7 program folder. Otherwise, you'll get an error and program won't start.

Is catia v5 r18 compatible with window vista?

I am running this program on Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 64-bit without any problems. The program itself is the 32-bit version, I believe. Short answer, Yes!

What Microsoft office is most compatible with windows vista?

i would say that Microsoft office 2007 is more compatible with windows vista because i tried to install office 2003 and it didint work plus the next time i turned on my computer i had to restore and lost personal files programs like itunes and more... i don't think that that is a coinicidence

Is windows Vista software compatible with windows 2000 professional?

The main file, EG:a game file. the game may run but any other files contained with the main archive may not open eg: help file. Depending on what software you are running will depend on what will work on windows vista but usually the software will run on vista but the help file may not open. If this ( Full Answer )

When will Maplestory get compatible with Windows Vista?

It is. Just don't automaticly install it, and don't use the maplestory quick downloader. Download it manually. Find the button to download it manually, and wait for about 1-7 hours. It's worth the wait though. If you're still having problems with Maplestory and its compatibility issues here is ( Full Answer )

Is Windows Vista compatible with Windows 7?

Windows Vista is an operating system, not an application. It does not run "on" Windows 7 so it cannot be said to be "compatible" with it. Drivers and applications written for Windows Vista will continue to work on Windows 7. The reverse may not necessarily be true. Vista and 7 use the same kern ( Full Answer )

How do you remove the security tool from Windows Vista?

Vista Total Security Step-by-Step Removal Instructions 1.The associated files of Vista Total Security to be deleted are listed below:%UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\opRSK %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\pw.exe %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\MSASCui.exe % ( Full Answer )

Is the apple operating system compatible with Windows Vista?

The Mac OS (Apples's operating system) and Windows are two separate operating systems. Neither runs on top of the other, technically. However, there are emulators, both hardwired as well as software-based so that the Mac can run Windows software. Generally, you have to partition your hard drive on t ( Full Answer )

Is a Motorola phone compatible with Verizon?

Yes some Motorola phones are compatible with Verizon but they cannot be a AT&T or Alltel, net10 etc. but they must be carried by Verizon of this doesn't help you also may call Verizon.... That is probably a smart thing to do ;)

Is Windows XP home edition 2003 compatible with vista?

Windows XP and Windows Vista are both operating systems. As such, you can only use one at a time, so NO they are not compatible with each other. However, the programs & files from Windows XP for the most part ARE compatible with the programs and files from Vista. In other words, something that you m ( Full Answer )

Where could one download software compatible with Windows Vista?

These can be downloaded from a lot of online websites free of charge, also possibly from a dvd but must be careful to get a legal version of this as there are many that are not. Online would possibly list outlets of which windows vista can be safely and legally downloaded without causes harm to you ( Full Answer )