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Muhammed Hassan Maybe a Muslim but he was born in New York but his father is palastanian and his mother is Italian his real name is mark copani check out his life on wikipedia

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Q: Is Muhammed Hassan really an Arab?
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When was Hassan Muhammed Gusau born?

Hassan Muhammed Gusau was born on 1960-12-12.

Is Muhammed Hassan actually Arab-American?

There is Arab in him. His mother is from Jordan and his father is Italian. Muhammed Hassan aka Mark Copani was born in Amman, Jordan.AnswerYes he is his mother was Jordonian and his father was Italian AnswerHis name is Mark Copani but he was also known as Mark Magnus and he was born in Jordan and his manager is Iranian Answeryes he is, he was born in Jordan but grew up in America. AnswerHis Mother Is Jordanian And His Father Is Italian AnswerI am not sure if he is Arab-American or not. There is a great deal of Arabs up in Michigan where they say he is from, so perhaps he has a little Arab blood in his bloodline. I personally think he is at least a portion Arab. His gimmick wouldn't be all that good if he wasn't. I do think it was a good idea that they at least put Daivari who is actual Arab with him. That at least proves one of them is Arab. Daivari is Arab but he doesnt speak Arabic he speaks an Iranian language where he is from. AnswerResponse to the answer above- Daivari is not Arab. he is Iranian, which is a totally different race. And the language he speaks is called Farsi. Hassan has a little Arab in him. Well he is half Jordanian.

Is Muhammed Hassan a Christian?

nope... he is a MuslimAnswerI dought that he is christian. if he was christian then he wouldn't descrase his own religon by saying bad things about it. Answerno he is a buddist don't believe me then go to and type muhammed hassan

What has the author Hassan Kamal written?

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Who is the Minister of Health for the United Arab Emirates?

Hanif bin Hassan Ali is the Minister of Health for the United Arab Emirates.

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Is Muhammad Hassan Arab-American or Italian American?

Mark Copani (ring name; Muhammad Hassan) is half Jordanian and half Italian.

Who designed the national flag of the United Arab Emirates?

Aref Al Sheikh Abdullah Al Hassan Aref Al Sheikh Abdullah Al Hassan

Which animal did Prophet muhammed used to travel?

i am pretty sure its a camel cause he's an Arab. its just a guess

What tribe did muhammed belong too?

Quraish. A noble tribe in Makkah and well respected among the Arab tribes.

What is the history of Mohammad Hassan?

All I know is that he used to be Mark Magnus in OVW. Go to i went to a show in binghamton and howwerd said making his debute muhammed hassan and he lost to maven by the way the was in 04

What has the author Hassan bin Talal written?

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What is the name of poet who wrote the national anthem of united Arab emirates?

Aref Al Sheikh Abdullah Al Hassan

Why was the Quran sent to prophet muhammed in arabic?

Because Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) was an Arab. The first persons to be addressed by the Qur'an spoke Arabic.

Was King Hassan II of Morocco an agent of the Mossad?

Yes, but also of the Arab agencies. He was a broker so he played both sides

Where is Muhammed Hassan?

He quit wwe and he waz itallian he faked gettin injured by the undertaker to quit wwe becoz ov hiz character coz it waz causin offence

What actors and actresses appeared in Bita da kuli - 2008?

The cast of Bita da kuli - 2008 includes: Muhibbat Abdusalam Shehu Hassan Sadiya Muhammed

What four rulers of the Arab empire after Muhammed?

Ali ibn abi talab , abu bakr, Othman ibn affan, Omar ibn alkhattib

Did irving Washington really write about the prophet muhammed?

Yes he did. It was published in 1850.

What has the author Muhammed written?

Muhammed. has written: 'Sayings of the prophet Muhammed'

What Arab countries bury nuclear waste in their land?

I really want to know if Arab countried really bury nuclear waste of western countries in their and

What movie and television projects has Hassan Said been in?

Hassan Said has: Played Hassan in "Stanley and Livingstone" in 1939. Played Native in "Zanzibar" in 1940. Played Mechanic Who Is Beaten in "South of Suez" in 1940. Played Sleepy in "Safari" in 1940. Played Arab Reader in "Sundown" in 1941. Played Abdullah in "The Macomber Affair" in 1947.

When was Hassan Aziz Hassan born?

Hassan Aziz Hassan was born in 1924.

When did Hassan Aziz Hassan die?

Hassan Aziz Hassan died in 2000.

When did Hassan Mohamed Hassan die?

Hassan Mohamed Hassan died in 1990.