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No, Basketball is much more popular than NASCAR, which is not even a sport

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nascar basketball is gay nascar is the best

Is nascar more popular than football? no i say.

Football (Soccer) and American Football is more popular than basketball

NASCAR is one of the most watched sports if not the most so no golf isn't more popular.

Basketball is no were near as popular as football what are you talking about?!!!

I think it does because of the fact that basketball is more popular than baseball.

fantasy basketball is more popular because it is alot easier to follow than fantasy baseball

In my opinion yes because I know more people that play basketball than baseball.

Football is more popular than soccer and basketball, because you can do anything: catch, hit, kick, push, run, throw, and more.(Football isn't more popular than soccer. Soccer is the most popular team sport in the world :D)

Yes it is. Heck, no! * The amount of fans for NASCAR are about the same for pro football. Not exactly.. Nascar has more fans than football, seeing how the people in other countries who are football fans are actually "soccer fans"

I believe basketball is one of the most if not the most popular sport in America. For example march madness is more talked about in my school than the super bowl and the stanly cup combined. I love basketball and is the best sport to get in volded with in my opion. Professionally, the order goes as follows: NFL, NASCAR, MLB, NBA, NHL

No, the most watched sport in America is surprisingly NASCAR...

Basketball is a more widely played sport but I guess its whoever you talk to Skateboarding is much more popular than basketball because I ask people what is your favorite sport between basketball or skateboarding and they say skateboarding.

No. Basketball is now bigger than Soccer, Football is more popular and Baseball is more exciting

That is true in a way. In the US basketball is more popular than soccer. That is why basketball players are paid more. In other countries, soccer is more popular so soccer players get paid more. Soccer in the US is becoming increasingly popular. Soon soccer players could be paid as much as basketball players.

American football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and NASCAR. The rank of popularity lower than football depends on the demographic, but american football is the most popular.

Yes, Nascar is a popular sport. But a lot depends on where the races are being held. Some states have a larger auto racing fan base than others.

football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf

help me please how to add more than one playr on nascar racing

More people like soccer than basketball.Soccer is the most watched and played sport in the world,it is played more than football, baseball, basketball, pool.etc.ANSWER:Soccer is the number one sport in England, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Australia, and many many more countries. Soccer is very popular because it doesn't have as many rules as basketball. The two main rules are don't use your hands and only the goalie can pick the ball up.

A NASCAR car will be more than twice as fast as a cheetah

Because the rest of the world has discovered Formula 1 racing, which is more complex and harder than NASCAR. It also involves right turns, a novelty to US racing drivers!

About 75% of the NASCAR fans are in America. NASCAR is an auto racing sport that is popular in many countries. Japan is one of the largest countries other than the United States that watches NASCAR regularly.

Well basketball has more possibilities it can end with different things like a jump shot, dunk, lay-up etc. There are more moves in basketball as well than volleyball. Also basketball has more fans nad there is half-time shows and many more things you can get like prizes etc.

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