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Is Nancy Maniscalco Miracle Marilyn Monroe's daughter?

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Obviously not, no. Marilyn Monroe never had a biological surviving daughter or son. There is a rumor that Marilyn may or may not have stated herself, that she did concieve and later carry a child to term during her years as an orphan. However, Marilyn was known to make stories up about anything and everything - especially to move her career along and for sympathy. There is no proof of this child and was said to be given up for adoption if they existed; but it is doubtful they did. Nobody alive can actually say that happened, and I've heard this Nancy person is a mentally ill person with a drug problem that fakes this for attention. She probably wouldn't even be old enough, logically speaking.

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At the corner of the Waldorf Astoria. Her daughter Nancy Maniscalco Miracle is in a photo of her in the background.

What is Marilyn Monroes daughters name?

Marilyn Monroe did not even have a daughter. Why would you think she did?

What does Marilyn monroes daughter look like?

She never had a daughter or a son, she miscarried twice.

Is Marilyn monroes sister alive?

Yes. Her siser Berneice miracle is still alive. :)

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When is Marilyn Monroes birthday?

Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1, 1926.

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how did marilyn monroe mom die

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Marilyn Monroe only siblings are Berniece Baker Miracle and Robert Kermitt Baker

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yes she did die but she didn't die until 20 yrs after the sad news about her daughter. thank you for listening

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Marilyn Monroes real name was Norma Jean Baker

What was Marilyn monroes real name?

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Marilyn monroes real name?

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What is Marilyn monroes birth name?

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