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i get tired of hearing about her twins on the show

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โˆ™ 2009-01-14 03:01:50
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Q: Is Nancy grace the only woman to give birth to twins?
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Is it a sin for a woman to give birth to twins?

No Why would you ask such a question?

Can a 47 year old woman give birth?

Yes, certainly. The oldest recorded mother at time of birth was 70 years old when a woman in India gave birth to twins.

How old was oldest women to give birth?

A 72 year-old woman had 2 children and 5 grand-children and then gave birth to twins which made her the oldest woman to give birth.

What is the medicine called to have baby twins?

There are some fertility treatments that can increase a woman's chances of having twins. However, there is no medicine that one can take to guarantee that they would give birth to twins.

Have twins ever been born in two different years?

Twins have been born in two different years before, for instance, a Mississauga woman gave birth to twins with one in 2013, and the other in 2014.

Who was the first woman in British parliament?

Nancy Astor Nancy Astor

Who was the oldest woman to have a baby?

A Spanish woman who deceived a U.S. fertility clinic about her age and became the oldest woman to give birth has died at 69, leaving behind 2-year-old twins.

How do you get twins on virtual villagers?

you need to have a woman that is a master parent then you can have twins

Who was the woman who used her laundry to send messages to the Continental Army?

It was most likely Anna Smith Strong. Her birth name was Anna Nancy Smith.

If a woman has twins in her family will she have twins?

Most likely yes. She carries the genes for twins and she may have a chance of also getting twins.

Does a woman who gives birth to conjoined twins get 1 birthcertificate or 2?

They are combined physically but are still two separate people, so two certificates.

What are the release dates for Woman as Protagonist The Art of Nancy Spero - 1993?

Woman as Protagonist The Art of Nancy Spero - 1993 was released on: USA: 1993

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