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It was a children's anime that came on Cartoon Network every other

Saturday, but I wouldn't recommend it for young children as it does become increasingly violent and mature, especially in Shippuden.

The manga is certainly not for kids, although the anime's first few arks may be suitable. It really depends on what you mean by 'kid'.

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Does Naruto ever have kids?

No! Never! If Naruto had kids, then Naruto will focus too much on the kids rather than this missions.

Does Naruto have kids?

No Naruto doesn't have kids he's still a kid himself.

Does Naruto and Hinata have kids?

No, they do not have any kids.

Can kids watch naruto?

That depends on a lot. But I'd say it's safe for kids above 7 to watch naruto.

Does Hinata have kids with Naruto?

No, she hasnt.

Does Naruto have kids and when does it show him have kids?

First of all, Naruto is an ongoing series, and it is not a romance anime. He does not have any kids, and it never shows him having kids. yeah right im pretty sure he'll have kids eventually......

How many kids does Naruto And Sakura have?

GROSS no they will not and don't have any kids

What are the names of Naruto's kids?

Naruto doesn't have any kids. His only 16...

Do Naruto love Hinata?

No. He eventually finds out that she loves him, (in shippuuden) but Naruto and Sakura get married and have kids.

Did Naruto and Sasuke get along when they were kids?

yeah they did when they were kids they were friends but then forgot each other

Does Hinata and Naruto have kids?

No, they aren't even dating.

Is it possible that Sakura loves Naruto?

Yes. They get married and have kids.

Do Naruto have kids?

Nope~ well in shippuden he has a kid with sakarua

Does Sasuke fight Naruto?

like a long time ago when they was kids. curse mark vs first tail naruto

Do Naruto and Hinata get married?

Yes Naruto and Hinata get married and have two kids, a son and daughter named Himawari and Bolt Uzumaki.

When do Naruto and Hinata have kids?

That Did Not Happen Yet, But Due To The Book Naruto and Hinata Had a Son and Daughter Name Bolt and Himawari Uzumaki.

What episode of Naruto shows a young Sasuke?

If ur looking for when it shows how they meet as little kids its naruto shippuden episode 213.

What are Naruto and Sakura's kid's names?

They don't have kids and they are not even married.

Is Naruto Broken Bond 2 Out?

I don't think its out. But that's what I think. Some people just tell what they think they know on here. Like a lie where Naruto and Hinata didn't have kids. They have 2 kids.

Will naruto and Hinata be a couple?

yes i watched further when naruto became hokage he married hinata and later had 2 kids the girl looks like naruto the boy looks like hinata naruto has the nine tailed fox his kids cant get the tails or the unlimited amount of chakra but if they are angry or injured badly etc. can get the eyes and claws

What is the last Naruto Shippuden episode?

Naruto Shippuden is an ongoing sires that is at episode 191 as of today December 22nd. At the moment they r on the leaf's history episodes back when naruto and his friends were kids.

When on Naruto Shippuden do Naruto and Hinata have kids?

They don't and they never will! NaruHina sucks! NaruSaku is actually canon! Naruto is in love with Sakura, NOT Hinata. They don't get old enough to marry yet anyways.

When do Naruto and Hinata make up?

totally i mean they are going to get married,have kids.

Does Naruto have kids with Sakura?

No, so far no one has had any babies yet.

Will Naruto have children?

Yes, I think so. He marries Sakura Haruno and has kids.

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