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Is Nathaniel Bacon considered a traitor or a patriot?


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September 04, 2007 8:30PM

Considering the average person does not even know who Nathaniel Bacon is, I'd say neither one. However, from one who does, I'd also say neither one. I would not call him a traitor because his cause was real and in response to the inaction of Virginia's colonial government to the plight of western farmers. Additionally, most of his bloodletting was against Amerindians rather than British citizens. It makes him a murderer but not a traitor - you can't use present day values to judge historical events. As for being a patriot, I would not allow that title either. A patriot is one who works for the good of a country or, in this case, the colony. He was working for the good of him and those of his social and economic class, not for the good of the colony.