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No, Neil Armstrong and Louis Armstrong were not related.
No. Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon but Louis Armstrong was a famous musician.

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Who is Neil Armstrongs brother?

Neil Armstrong's brother is Lance Armstrong(the cycling champion.)

What is Neil Armstrongs whole name?

Neil Armstrong name is Neil Alden Armstrong.

Who were neil armstrongs parents?

Viola Armstrong and Stephen Armstrong

What are Neil Armstrong parents jobs?

Neil Armstrongs parents are dead.

Who is neil Armstrongs parents?

Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong

Did Neil Armstrong have a brother?

Neil Armstrong did have a brother, Dean Armstrong.

What are Neil Armstrong's siblings names?

Dean and Juneneil armstrongs sibilings names are june armstrong and dean armstrong

What was neil Armstrong job on Apollo 11?

Armstrongs job was as captin

Is Armstrong a Jewish name?

NO. While it is possible for a Jew to have the surname "Armstrong", it is not likely. The two most famous Armstrongs are not Jews: Louis Armstrong (Sachmo) -- the Jazz musician -- and Neil Armstrong -- the astronaut who went to the moon.

What are facts about Neil Armsrong?

Well for one he is the brother of Louis Armstrong. So perhaps google Louis Armstrong and it might show something about his brother :) hope that helped

What is neil Armstrongs moms name?

Viola Louise Armstrong (nee: Engel)

Who was neil Armstrong brother?

Neil Armstrong had a brother named Dean and a sister named June.

Who is Neil Armstrongs wife now?

At the time of his death, Neil Armstrong was married to his second wife, Carol. They had been married since 1994.

Do neil Armstrong have any brother or sister?

Yes, Neil Armstrong has both a brother and sister, both younger than he is. Their names are June and Dean Armstrong.

What was neil Armstrong greatest accomplishment?

Neil Armstrongs greatest accomplishment was to become the first man to walk on the moon, and to return safely back to earth.

Was Louie Armstrong an astronaut?

Neil Armstrong was the astronaut. Louis Armstrong was a trumpet player.

How many brothers and sisters did neil Armstrong have?

Neil Armstrong has a brother and a sister. Armstrong is the oldest and he was the first man to walk on the moon.

Was Louis Armstrong really the first person on the moon?

No. The first person on the moon was Neil Armstrong. Louis Armstrong was a musician, not an astronaut.

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