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Is Neptune visible from Earth?

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You could see Neptune from Earth with a telescope if you knew exactly where to look.

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When is Neptune visible from Earth?

Neptune is visible from Earth at many times during the year depending on your location. It is not visible with the naked eye, so you will need a telescope.

When is Neptune visible without a telescope?

As long as you stay on the Earth, Neptune is never visible without optical aid.

Does Neptune have a visible ring?

neptune does have visible rings around it

Which planet is visible from earth in the night sky?

All of them, although Neptune requires a telescope.

Name an artificial satellite of Neptune?

As far as is known, Neptune has no artificial satellites.No object made on earth is in orbit around Neptune. If there is one there that was manufacturedby sentient, technologically sophisticated beings in some other place, it's not visible from earth.

Is Neptune visible without a telescope?

no,no telescope has seen neptune

Why is Neptune important to earth?

neptune neptune

How bright is neptune compared to other planets?

As seen from the earth is is not at all bright. It is the only planet which is not visible to the naked eye.

How often do meteors hit Neptune?

We have no information about how often meteors strike the planet Neptune. It is almost certain that it happens, but Neptune is so far away that it would have to be an enormous asteroid striking the planet to be visible on earth, unless the Hubble happened to be looking at Neptune anyway.

What planets are visible from the earth?

It depends on the time of the year, your location, and clear skies. All seven planets are visible with the naked eye but Uranus and Neptune appear quite faint and Mercury is only visible at sunrise or sunset.

Does neptune do anything to help earth?

Neptune does not affect Earth.

Which is heavier Neptune or Earth?


Is neptune bigger than the earth?

Yes. The diameter of Neptune is about 3.9 times that of Earth. The mass of Neptune is about 17 times that of Earth.

Which planet is larger earth or Neptune?

Neptune is larger than Earth.

How far is Neptune in miles from earth?

Neptune is 2,697,000,000 miles from the earth.

How big is the Earth compared to Neptune?

Earth is small compared to Neptune

Where in line is Neptune from the Earth?

in line Neptune is 5th away from the earth

What is a visible feature that distinguishes Earth from other planets?

From space you can see that Earth is klight blue, with green spots. Which are the ocean and land, which no other planet has (except maybe Neptune)

How does Neptune look on earth?

You can't see Neptune with the naked eye from Earth

Is earth smaller than Neptune if so by how much?

Earth is about 25% smaller than Neptune.Neptune is about 3.88 times larger than the Earth.

Is Neptune closer to the Sun or to the Earth?

Earth. Neptune is the farthest planet away. Since the Sun is totally far away, this makes Neptune closer to Earth. Its like " the sun, a couple of planets including Earth, and then Neptune".

How many earth days does it take to go from earth to Neptune?

"it takes 20 earth days to reach neptune from earth"

How many days does it take Earth to rotate around Neptune?

Earth doesn't rotate around Neptune. Both Earth and Neptune go around the sun.

What is the length of a year an day on neptune in earth years?

A year on Neptune = 165 earth years (approx). A day on Neptune = 0.00184 earth years (approx).

One year on Earth equals how many days on Neptune?

The rotation of the planet Neptune is much faster than Earth's. It completes a rotational "day" in about 16 Earth hours. So in an Earth year (365.25 Earth days), Neptune completes about 544 Neptune days. In a Neptune year, there are about 89,666 Neptune days.

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