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Is Netflix free on xbox 360?


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No. To watch Netflix on your Xbox 360 requires a subscription to Netflix as well as an active XBoxLive Gold account.


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By visiting and signing up on the Netflix website you can get a free month of Netflix.

Xbox 360 definitely for gaming, but for netflix and movies xbox one

Netflix can be viewed on any Xbox 360 console through downloading the video app entitled "Netflix. " Xbox Live Gold and a Netflix subscription are required to use the app.

you have to live in the states

You need to have a Netflix subscription, if you do try to delete the Netflix application from your Xbox 360 and then reinstall it again.

You have to register on Xbox Live, and then go to the Netflix website to set up a Netflix account.

You must have a Xbox live Gold membership and active Netflix subscription to use instant streaming on your xbox.

Yes :) As long as you have the xbox 360 connected to your internet in the Xbox settings, you should be able to access Netflix on any console in any room.

I think Netflix is $7.99 a month for unlimited instant streaming to your Wii, computer, PS3 and Xbox 360 and the channel on the Wii is free

with a ps3, xbox 360, or wii

Yes, you can use Netflix on Xbox. What's even better is that, you can activate a one month Netflix free trial on your Xbox. The link below has more detailed info on the free trial.

As I recall, there is no prize offer to states if you pre-order Skyrim and get a free Xbox 360.

The XBOX Slim will have free wireless.

keep doing free trials but changing ur name on every trial making sure to cancell before the end of the trail

Do updates for the xbox 360 cost money to download? no all updates for xbox 360 are free.

No, Netflix is free to download (the application to access Netflix itself) but people have to have a Netflix subscription in order to use their services.

The official release date of the new XBox experience is November 19th. With the new experience comes the Netflix deal.

you can't on a regular x-box but you can on a x-box 360

the xbox 360 pro comes with 1 month free xbox live

You have to start your free Netflix trial from the Netflix website. Once you do that download the netflix app from the video marketplace on your xbox. When you first open it up it will give you an activation code, go to enter the code and there you have netflix on your xbox

Netflix is only movie rentals, it does not have video games.

no you cannot, you can only watch netflix on PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii, and Nintendo 3ds.

Yes, you can get it under the video tab or in the marketplace. You must have a Netflix membership to watch movies.

There are a number of different ways to get free Xbox 360 games. There are literally thousands of websites that offer Xbox 360 games for free but you have to be careful, some are scams and only looking to get your personal information.

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