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No. Your body doesn't need that much Naicin.

20mg is 100% of your daily value but it is okay to have more. For instance the Chaser 5-Hour energy supply has 500mg in it and that is rated safe by the FDA. You can go up to 1g (1000mg)

High doses of niacin are used to treat high cholesterol. Unfortunately, it is very common for people to have a bad reaction to it, including flushing and headache. This is treated and can be prevented by taking aspirin before the dose.

Niacin is almost as safe as water, no 1 has ever died from taking niacin, if you want to learn more about niacin check the web for dr abram hoffer, and check doctor your self, you can go up to 3g a day, the best way to find your limit is to start at 100mg 3 times a day then add 25mg a day do this till you feel nausea, then drop your dose a little, but i really do reconmend checking out dr hoffer

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Q: Is Niacin 500mg really safe because you had a bad physical and mental reaction to it?
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