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Is Nicki minaj Justin Biebers girl friend?


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No, they are not dating

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Nicki Minaj is not dating Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake ,because Justin Bieber is too young for her and has no girlfriend ,because he broke up with Selena Gomez. Also Justin Timberlake is not dating Nicki Minaj ,because Justin Timberlake has no love feels for Nicki Minaj.

No, because Nicki Minaj is not gay. She only likes her as a friend.

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No, it was only a rumor and misunderstanding.

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Nicki Minaj Is Trinidadian.

No because trina don't like nicki minaj

yes it is true nicki did get kissed by her FRIEND drake.

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Because her name is Onika (Nicki) Manaj (Minaj).

No not know she did yous to have one called Justin timbelake

No, Nicki Minaj is not a man.

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