Is Nottingham in derby?

No, in fact they are rival cities and the question may actually offend people from Nottingham, which has problems with gun crime, and Derby, which has its own problems with drugs. Nottingham is located at 52°57′N 1°08′W, while Derby is located at 52°55.32′N 1°28.55′W. They are both cities in the East Midlands, Nottingham has a population of 666,358, while Derby has a more slender 236,300. They are geographically around fifty miles apart. The rivalry between the two cities arose chiefly between Derby County Football Club and Nottingham Forest Football Club, who were, in the 1970s, both powerhouses in English football. Brian Clough, a legendary manager for Derby County and later Nottingham Forest became a hero for both clubs and the "Brian Clough Trophy" is contested for between the two clubs. In Derby there also exists a "Brian Clough Business Park", and the road linking Nottingham and Derby (the A52) was renamed "Brian Clough Way". Brian Clough's son, Nigel Clough is the manager of Burton Albion Football Club, a semi-professional outfit based in Burton, around ten miles south of Derby, who play in the Blue Square Premier, the fifth tier of the English pyramid, as of Novemeber 2008.