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Is O3 polar?

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yes because it is a bent molecule, not linear

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Is O3 polar or non-polar?


Is 03 a polar molecule?

No, O3 is not a polar molecule. It is a nonpolar molecule.

Is I3- polar or non-polar?

Non-polar. All elements that bond to themselves form non-polar bonds just like ozone (O3).

Is O3 polar or non polar?

Ozone is a polar molecule with a Bent molecular shape. This molecule does not form a triangle in that the stress on the bonds at that angle is too great.

Are O3 bonds polar or non-polar?

Nonpolar Bonds... Look at the Lewis dot diagram, just got checked right on a quiz answer for once.

Is I3 polar or nonpolar?

I believe it is non-polar as the electron configuration is trigonal bi-pyramidal with 180 degree bond angle between the two I-I bonds thus the vectors cancel out as well as the fact that I-I EN difference is 0. The other answer to this question citing O3 as non-polar is actually flawed as O3 is actually polar and is an exception to relying solely on EN difference to determine polarity as the vectors in O3 do not cancel out and because it is asymmetric it is actually polar with the negative area being above the central O atom.

What is a polar molecule composed entirely of non-polar bonds 1 sicl4 2 c2h4 3 cs2 4 bi3 5 o3?

O3. While O has the same electronegativity the different distrubutions of it within the three O's makes it polar. it has a non-olar bond because it is bondec to itself.

Why is o3 polar?

Ozone is polar because of the bonding arrangement. This molecule does not form a triangle in that the stress on the molecular bonds would be too great to keep the structure.

Examples of polar substances?

H20, Salt, HF, NH3 (slight polarity), O3, SO2, H2S...

Is an oxygen molecule a polar molecule?

Oxygen isn't a molecule, it's an atom. O2 (two oxygen atoms) on the other hand is a molecule. Most oxygen in the atmosphere is in the form O2. O3 is known as ozone, that stuff that protects us from harmful rays. O2 is not polar because it is two of the same atoms. O3 is polar because the three molecules line up in a slightly triangular formation.

What chemical is O3?

O3 = ozone

What does the formula O3 represent?

O3 is ozone

Common name for O3?

O3 = Ozone

What is the name for the compound O3?

O3 is Ozone.

Why is o3 gas bad for the ozone?

Ozone is O3

What element is O3?

O3 is ozone, a form of oxygen.

At STP what is the volume of 150g of ozone O3?

150 (g O3) / (3*16.0 (g/mol O3)) = 3.125 (mol O3)3.125 (mol O3) * 22.4 (L/mol) = 70.0 Litre Ozone gas

What does O3 stand for?

O3 stands for ozone, an allotrope of oxygen.

What is the covalent compound name for O3?

The name for O3 is ozone

Calculate mass of 4.0 10 to the 25 power of O3?

If 4.0*10^25 is atoms of O3 then 4.0*10^25 / 6.20*10^23 = 66.5 moles O3 48 = molar mass O3 48*66.5 = 3192g O3

How many elements are in a molecule of ozone (O3)?

There are 3 atoms in a ozone molecule. It is because of the chemical for the molecules i.e. O3.

What is O3 also known as what?

What is O3 I know the name is Ozone but I don't know what it is

What kind of intermolecular forces are present in O3?

O3 is a nonpolar molecule and it does not contain a hydrogen bond. This leaves dispersion forces as the intermolecular force present in O3.

Is O3 an atom or molecule?

O3 or ozone is a molecule composed of three atoms of oxygen.

Is O3 a compound?

No O3 is not a compound because it is made up of only one element

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