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Pakistan is the name of a country situated in Asia. Pakistan borders with India, China, Iran and Afghanistan.

What is Pakistan?

Pakistan is a terrorist Muslim state of the 21st century. The country of over 16 million devoted people, always ready tosacrifice their lives for this lovely homeland and still proving todo so at this very moment. despite the turmoil and chaos throughout the years since it got independence, the coun ( Full Answer )

Where is Pakistan?

Pakistan (Urdu: پاکستان ), officially the IslamicRepublic of Pakistan , is a country located in South-centralAsia between the Southwest Asia also known as the Near East, and isan integral part of the Greater Middle East regionand converges with Southern Asia with the Republi ( Full Answer )

Who is the governor of Indiana?

The current Governor of Indiana is Mitch Daniels (R). Daniels assumed office as the 49th Governor of Indiana on January 10, 2005. His second term will expire on January 14, 2013. The governor-elect is Mike Pence.

Why is Pakistan called Pakistan?

because it's the place of Pakistan people, the pure people in the land of the Muslims so that's why we call it Pakistan. Edit by Greenvox: It's an acronym created by Chaudry Rehmat Ali: P - Punjab A - Afghania K - Kashmir I - (vowel) S - Sindh TAN - Baluchi[TAN]

Who is Robert Indiana?

Robert Indiana was born Robert Clark in New Castle, Indiana. His family relocated to Indianapolis, where he graduated from Arsenal Technical High School. He moved to New York City in 1954 and joined the pop art movement, using distinctive imagery drawing on commercial art approaches blended with exi ( Full Answer )

What is famous about Indiana?

It's the home of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Army's finance center.\n\nIt's also the home of the federal death row, but they don't put that on the tourism brochures.

Are there lizards in Indiana?

unless they are in from a pet store, no.. Yes, there are lizards in Indiana! I have them running around my yard all the time. It is called a 5-line Skink. They did not come from any pet store. There are several websites that can tell you about them.

What will be the Pakistan?

Pakistan is passing through a evolution, in which pro-islamic, pro-taliban, pro-nationalist, pro-western, socialist and capitalist forces are trying to effect what should be the Pakistan in next 10 years. Majority of Pakistanis are moderate muslims, but apparently they are afraid to stand up against ( Full Answer )

How did Indiana get its nme?

Historic American Indian tribes also lived on this land, inspiring the state's name - Indiana, the land of Indians Ain't I smart hot girls

History of Pakistan automobile in Pakistan?

Automobile industry is not in full swing in Pakistan. There are a few world class automobile manufacturers working in Pakistan. Suzuki started its operations in 1978, afterwards Toyota started its assembling unit in Pakistan. In 1986 Honda started its operations in Pakistan. The important thing to m ( Full Answer )

What is a Pakistan?

Pakistan is a Country in South Asia. Population wise it is 6th largest, and in terms of area is 36thlargest country in the World. Official name: Islamic Republic of Pakistan Details are on Wikipedia: external linksare not permitted here sosearch on Google or Wikipedia for "Pakistan"

Why is Indiana called Indiana?

Indiana is called Indiana because it is the land of the indians.Indians used to live in Indiana.

What is Pakistan for?

Pakistan came into being on the bases of Islam. Muslims needed a separate homeland where they can live their lives according to the principles of Islam. So it's clear that Islam & two nations theory was the base of Pakistan.

Who is the Pakistan?

Pakistan ( Urdu : پاکستان Pākistān listen ( help · info )), officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan , is a country located in South Asia and borders Central Asia and the Middle East . [5] [6] It has a 1,046 kilometre (650 mile) coastline along th ( Full Answer )

Why is Pakistan callled Pakistan?

The traditional view of Urdu speaking people of Pakistan is that the meaning derived from the urdu word "Pak" (pronounced (Paak in urdu) and the urdu word "stan" (pronounced Staanin urdu). So in traditional thinking the word Pakistan means "Land of the Pure. However the word "PAKISTAN" was first use ( Full Answer )

Why did Pakistan?

This is an answer to the first answer. Oh shut up. People are always picking on Pakistan. I'm pretty sure their countries ain't perfect. That answer was basically, "Pakistan stupid someone wrote that in".

When does it get warm in Indiana?

Well here in Indiana sometimes in march it can be 70 degrees or 7 degrees there should be a steady heat rise starting probably in April.

How do Pakistan government helping Pakistan?

Since its creation in 1947, Pakistan is always ruled by Army or influential politicians, e.g., landlords, industrialists, tribal leaders, etc. As a result people are not normally happy with government, although government tries to do in its limited ability. The major problems of Pakistan are: Extr ( Full Answer )

What is East Pakistan and West Pakistan?

In 1947 British India was partitioned along religious lines, any areas where the Hindus were in majority became India. Pakistan was created as a homeland for the Muslims. What became East and West Pakistan were the areas of British India that had a majority Muslim population. East and West Pakistan ( Full Answer )

Who from Indiana is famous?

mother terasa,mahatma gandhi, Sachin Tendulkar . Jawaharlal Neh Indira Gandhi r . Buddha . Indira Gandhi .

What does Pakistan have?

Pakistan has a lot of natural resources including ores , iron ,coal , gas , water resources , forests a large coastal area , alarge number of people . But Pakistan also has highest corruptionrate a long history of corrupt governments , corrupt officers andcorrupt politicians which are actual problem ( Full Answer )

What is nickname of Indiana?

It is known as The Hoosier State, The Crossroads of America, and The Hospitality State.

Does Indiana extradite?

All US states and territories honor each other's requests for extradition - there are no 'safe-haven' states - It is impossible to know with certainty whether a particular state will choose to extradite you for a particular offense, or not , there are simply too many variables. It may depend, in pa ( Full Answer )

How was Indiana formed?

it started when a small piece of land and got bigger bigger and bigger and thats how it got its shape.

What are facts on Indiana?

Indiana was the first country to start selling Coca Cola in their stores. Indiana is where famous sports wrestler 'The Rock' originates from. In Indiana it is said that it was an old ritual for local tribes to cook and eat dogs. All Indiana phone numbers begin with 301.

How Pakistan relation with Pakistan?

Strange question. How could a country create relationship with itself. you are requested to ask the question again and logical this time.

Why does Pakistan celebrate Pakistan day?

They don't. Nobody in Pakistan celebrates Pakistan Day. I live in Pakistan and this is the first time I heard about this. There is no such thing as Pakistan Day. Only Independence day is celebrated in Pakistan.

What are plants in Indiana?

Some plants in India are lotus:white flowers national flower of India rose:they use roses to decorate sidewalks and gardens marigold:it holds Indians religion orchids:covers the whole north east of India bougainvillea:purple flowers knows as the paper flowers hope i help oh and gav ( Full Answer )

How can you get to Pakistan?

Pakistan can be accessed by all means of transportation. Through Arabian Sea, Through Land or by Air.

Why country Pakistan was named Pakistan?

Pakistan is combination of two words "Pak" and "Stan" which means "Pious" and "Land of People" respectively. So, word Pakistan means Land of Pious People. So, it is supposed to be land of good people.

Where is gray Indiana at?

The company known as Gray Indiana is located at 414 Murphy Rd Colfax, LA 71417 There phone number is 318-627-5782 There are no cities in Indiana named Gray. There IS a Gray RLA Airport, near Fairland, IN .

What is a town in Indiana?

Some towns in Indiana are: North Vernon Seymour Columbus Pekin Madison New Albany Scottsburg Versailles Greensburg Corydon Salem Edinburgh

Who is Indiana Singh?

He was the main character on an Indian broadcasting network between 1949 and 1963. His show, Indiana Singh and the sequel Adventerous Singh were popular with the Punjabi (a northern state in India) viewers. His show was a hit but eventually died off because the broadcasting network went bankrupt and ( Full Answer )

What can you do in Pakistan?

Pakistan is a beautiful place to enjoy for vacation. I have been there a few times and try to save up to go there but it is tough. Some parts of Pakistan are beautiful and others are historical landmarks. After going to Pakistan I would prefer that people should go to Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. ( Full Answer )

What is Indiana located in?

Indiana is the one of the most eastern states of the Midwest region of the United States. It is also one of the smallest along with Iowa and Ohio.

What you can do for Pakistan?

Be a good, charitable person, help others, don't forget your morals, and contribute to Pakistan's economy.

Is there scorpions in Indiana?

No, I have lived in Indiana all my life and have never seen a scorpion nor heard of anybody else who lives in Indiana encountering a scorpion here.

Who is Pakistan?

Pakistan is an Islamic country in south east Asia . It is the onlyIslamic atomic power in the world .

Where is Indiana is Indiana University locate?

The main campus for Indiana University is in Bloomington, IN. . PLZ note: There is also an Indiana University located in Indiana, Pennsylvania that's part of Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.

Why did Pakistan and east Pakistan separated?

There a large number of reasons of this separation . Most importantfactors were wrong policies of corrupt governments , Indianinvolvement , Martial laws . Most important persons who promptedseparation were Yahya Khan , Mujeeb and Bhutto .

Is there a beach in Indiana?

There is an amusement park and resort called Indiana Beach locatedon Shafer Lake near Monticello, Indiana, but it is not an actualbeach. A real beach is on Lake Michigan. It is called Indiana DunesNational Lakeshore, which includes the Indiana Dunes State Park.

Where is corydon Indiana?

Corydon, Indiana is located along the Ohio River to the west ofLouisville, Kentucky and New Albany, Indiana.

What year was Indiana?

Indiana was admitted to the Unionon December 11, 1816 becoming the 19th state admitted to theUnion.

What year is Indiana?

Indiana was admitted to the Unionon December 11, 1816 becoming the 19th state admitted to theUnion.

Is Indiana an state?

Indiana was admitted to the Unionon December 11, 1816 becoming the 19th state admitted to theUnion.

What time is Indiana on?

Indiana has two time zones - CentralTime and Eastern Time. Most of Indiana uses Eastern Time. Somecounties near the southwestern and northwestern border of the stateuse Central Time.