Is Palestine still under Israel

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Yes, Palestine was a country. When Israel was created in 1948, the land was occupied by the British and before that the Turkish Empire. When the UN created Israel after the Holocaust they wanted to split the land in half. Half as Palestine and half as Israel. Arabs did not like the idea. As the British retreated from Israel all the neighboring Arab countries tried to take over Israel. A war ensued and as the Jewish people pushed back their Arab neighbors they declared the land Israel. Palestinians today who live in the West Bank were Jordanian before the war, but never went back to live Jordan, because they want to stay in their home country. The West Bank and Gaza both are Palestinian and are still in Israel, but are run by their own Palestinian governments. Palestinians are determined to get THEIR land back.

___________________________________________________________ Palestine has been semi-autonomous (the Palestinian Authority) since renouncing war on Israel in the 1990's. As stated above, the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza now govern themselves, but they are not an independent country. They are still technically part of Israel. A study of history will show that this land has had many rulers before the Israelis, the Brits, and the Turks. But as the Arabs say"our land will be back".

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Q: Is Palestine still under Israel
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Who occupied Palestine in 1944?

In 1944, Israel/Palestine was under British sovereignty as the British Mandate for Palestine.

Did Israel or Palestine win?

The overall conflict still continues, but most people hold that Israel is in a better position than Palestine is.

Is Israel in Palestine?

Yes and No. Palestine has two different definitions and Israel has two definitions. Palestine 1: All of the lands of the former British Mandate of Palestine. Palestine 2: All of the lands not under Israeli control in 1950 that serve as the basis for any current two-state proposal for the State of Palestine. Israel 1: All of the lands under Israeli control in 1950. Israel 2: All of the lands under Israeli control, both military and civil as of 2012. Now for the spatial relationships. Israel 1 is entirely within the borders of Palestine 1, but smaller (78%) Israel 1 (78%) + Palestine 2 (22%) = Palestine 1 Israel 2 and Palestine 2 overlap in much of the West Bank Territories. Israel 2 and Israel 1 overlap in all of Israel 1's territories. Israel 2 does not control the Gaza Strip territories which are part of Palestine 1 and Palestine 2. Israel 2 also controls some Syrian territory not in either Palestine.

Why should palestine have israel?

because it "was" and still is there land NOT the jews land

When did Palestine become a colony under Israel?

Palestine has never been a colony of Israel. Israel took control of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip in 1967 after conquering these territories from Jordan and Egypt respectively, where they were annexed territories under military authority.

What was the language of Jesus in Palestine?

Jesus was never in Palestine. The land of Israel was renamed Palestine decades after Jesus was crucified.The language in Israel at the time of Jesus was Aramaic, but Hebrew was still used for religious occasions and prayers.

Which one do you think is bad palestine or israel?

Palestine is in Israel. So neither

If you have a british passport do i need a visa to enter israel palestine?

This might help Exclude the space

What was Israel before an independent state?

Israel was a part of the British Mandate for Palestine, a quasi-colony under British authority.

Where is nazareth palestine or Israel?

Israel, in the area formerly known as Palestine until 1948.

Who has more land Palestine or Israel?

It depends on your terms. If you are referring to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip cumulatively as Palestine and the 1949 borders of the State of Israel as Israel, then Israel is 3x larger than Palestine. If you are referring to the British Mandate of Palestine, then the State of Israel according to 1949 borders is smaller than Palestine. If you are comparing the current areas under Israeli control to the area of Mandatory Palestine, they are roughly equal. (The gain in the Golan Heights is more-or-less offset by the loss of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank Zone A regions.)

When did Palestine become Israel?

Answer 1Palestine is still Palestine. People just think it is israel. But it is NOT!!Answer 2Israel was a historical term for the land before the Romans created the term Palestine. This original term became the name of the Modern State of Israel in 1948 when Jewish groups were able to establish a State.

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