Is Palestine a state?

Answer 1
Of course that depends on your definition of state. It does not have clearly defined borders, as Israel is constantly occupying/building settlements on more land that belongs/ed to Palestinian people. Neither does it really have a proper government. Hamas was democratically elected as the political party to govern the Palestinian people, however Hamas only has control of the Gaza Strip, while the Fatah party, which was in power prior to Hamas, has control over the West Bank, despite being elected out. Although Hamas has a military wing, it cannot be said to have its own military force as a state. Ultimately the Palestinian leadership has little control over what the Palestinian people can and cannot do, as so much of daily life is dictated by Israel, and so the Palestinian people are not self-governing, and so I would say no, it is not a state.

Answer 2
Palestine has been occupied by the illegal terrorist state of Israel for 62 years now. In 1948, Palestinians were forced out of their homes and land. Since the establishment of Israel, Palestinian homes, schools, institutions have been demolished and bombed on a daily basis. Palestinians do NOT have any rights, 1000's of children, women, and men have been killed in cold blood by the hands of the "IDF" (Israeli Defense Forces).
In conclusion, Palestine is NOT a state, due to the fact that it is currently occupied and that the state of Israel is based upon stolen land, Palestinian land.

Answer 3
Technically, Palestine is not a state, nor has it ever in history been a state. Presently it is a culturally separate but semi-autonomus part of Israel, much like an Indian reservation in the US, Quebec in Canada, or Swaziland and Lesotho in South Africa. Israel has been a state twice; briefly in ancient times and since 1948 in modern time, but Palestine has never been a state. Personally, one of my dreams is to see Palestine become a fully autonomous state, living in peace beside Israel, but I know that I may not live long enough to see that happen.