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She's Michael Jackson's daughter.

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Does Paris Jackson have another sister?

Paris Jackson does not have a sister, she is the only girl.

Is Paris Jackson michaels favoritie?

No he loved all his kids equally its just that Paris was 'Daddy's Girl'

How does Andy Jackson die in Tears of a Tiger?

Andy jackson dies by using his daddys gun and shooting his self

Who should get the vic in eastenders?

Roxy because she was always a daddys girl and was there for him

Does Paris Jackson have any pets?

There have been no reports that Paris Jackson has pets. Paris Jackson is the daughter of late Pop singer, Michael Jackson.

How tall is Paris Michael Jackson?

Paris Jackson is 5'3 as of 2011

Does Michael Jackson have a kid?

yes, he has a girl called Paris Jackson and two boys called Prince Michael and Prince Michael II

Is Monte from daddys little girl single?

Yes he have 6kids and is dating sandra bullock

Is Paris Jackson married?

No Paris Jackson is not married, She is 14 Years Old.

Is Michael Jackson the biological father of Paris Jackson?

Mark Lester is rumored to be the biological father of Paris Jackson.

Does Paris Jackson like hannnah Montana?

Paris Jackson likes Hannah Montana

How do you say forever daddys girl in Italian?

per sempr la ragazza di papà

Does Paris Jackson have a fantage?

no but everyone thinks she does people just say their name is Paris Jackson

Why does Paris Jackson wear glasses?

Paris Jackson wears glasses because she is short sighted.

What languages do Prince and Paris Jackson know?

Prince and Paris Jackson only know English.

Are Paris Jackson and Prince Jackson twins?

No, Prince was born in 1997 and Paris was born in 1998.

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