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Some forms of Parkinson's disease are hereditary. You are deemed to be "more at risk" of developing it yourself if your father had it. Your chances of developing it are slim however, so relax; worrying will have no effect on the outcome.

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Q: Is Parkinson's disease hereditary
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Is Parkinsons Disease Hereditary?

I believe it is. My Grandfather, Mother , and Brother all had Parkinson's Disease. I definitely think that there is a genetic disposition.

What diseases did Muhammad Ali have?

hernia && parkinsons disease hernia && parkinsons disease A hernia is not a disease

What is Christian Walker's disease?

parkinsons disease

Is Wagner's disease hereditary?

Yes, Wagner's disease is a genetic (hereditary) disease.

Does robin lawford have parkinsons disease?

no she does not

Is parkinsons disease acute?


What disease does muhmmad ali have?


What disease does muhammid Ali have?


How young can you get parkinson's disease?

hi you can get parkinsons at any age. childhood parkinsons and the adult type.

What disease causes foot shuffling?

It is a recognised symptom of Parkinsons Disease.

Does Muhammad Ali Have Lou Garrison disease?

no ali has parkinsons disease

What medical disease does chris theodorakis have?

chris theodorakis has parkinsons disease

Why can't parkinsons disease be prevented?

The cause of Parkinson's disease is unknown

Name the disease which is a result of decreased dopamine levels?

Parkinsons disease.....

What is the neurotransmitter that is deficient in parkinsons disease?


Why does pinky finger twitch?

parkinsons disease ;/

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Which parent passes parkinsons disease?


Neurotransmitter is associated with parkinsons disease?


Why are you unable to sleep with Parkinsons disease?

the tremors

Is rheumatoid arthritis a hereditary disease?

it is an autoimmune disease ,in this disease w.b.c no. increase or decrease so it is not a hereditary disease

Is the disease leucoderma hereditary?

no albinism is a hereditary.

Who is at risk to develop Parkinsons disease?

the elderly are usually the ones who develop parkinsons disease and in very rare case some adults have developed minor cases

What are the primary symptoms of parkinson disease?

The symptoms of Parkinsons disease can vary from one person to another. Some signs of parkinsons disease are tremors, slowed motion, shakiness, speech changes and dementia.