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PbSO4 is a solid that will not dissolve in water.

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Is ClNH4 a solid or aqueous solution?

The correct formula is NH4Cl. This compound can be found both as a solid and in an aqueous solution.

What does a solid and liquid make?

The combination of a solid and liquid form an aqueous solution

Can A solid solute be dissolved in an aqueous solution?

Of course - if this solid is soluble in water.

Is Calcuim oxide corrosive?

In solid form not, but in aqueous solution it is.

What are the types of solutions?

aqueous(water) solution, gas solution, (metal) alloys=solid

Is glucose solid or liquid or gas or aqueous?

On its own glucose is a solid at room temperature. However it will form an aqueous solution when mixed with water.

Is cucl2 aqueous?

Under normal conditions CuCl2 can exist in either a solid state or in aqueous solution.

When lead nitrate solution is added to sodium iodine solution solid lead iodide is formed word equation?

Aqueous lead nitrate plus aqueous sodium iodide produce solid lead iodide and aqueous sodium nitrate.

Is CuNO3 a gas liquid solid or aq?

CuNO3 can be found as both a solid and as an aqueous solution.

Is BaCO3 a solid or an aqueous solution?

BaCO3 is barium carbonate. It is a solid and is mostly insoluble in water.

Is lead II sulfate ionized or dissociated in an aqueous solution?

The solubility product of Lead (II) sulphate , PbSO4 is very low and it is almost insoluble in water.

Is table salt a solution?

No it is a solid. However if you put it into water it forms an aqueous salt solution.

Is sand an aqueous solution?

Sand is a solid powder insoluble in water.

Is sodium sulphate aqueous?

Sodium sulfate can exist in an aqueous solution but it can also exist on its own as a crystalline solid.

Is an aqueous solution a system having a uniform composition and appearance?

Yes, an aqueous solution is a system having a uniform composition and appearance. If the solution is saturated, only the solution above the solid material will be uniform.

Is copper acetate an aqueous solution or a gas?

Copper acetate is a solid compound which can be either dissolved to form an aqueous solution, or if sufficiently heated will become a gas.

Is Sulfate a solid or aqueous solution?

It's usually found in an aqueous solution as it is an ion with a charge of (-2), although if it is combined with Strontium, Barium, Calcium, Silver, or Lead the compound becomes insoluble and stays a solid.

What is the formula for the white solid in barium chloride and soium sulfate?

The white solid precipitated when an aqueous solution of barium chloride is mixed with an aqueous solution of sodium sulfate is named "barium sulfate" and has the formula BsSO4.

Can A solid solute can be dissolved in an aqueous solution?

Of course - if this solid is soluble in water.

What is the correct balanced reaction equation that shows the chemical reaction of aqueous solution lead II nitrate mixed with an aqueous solution of potassium sulfate Also the total ionic equation?

The complete balanced equation is Pb(NO3)2 (aq) + K2SO4 (aq) -> 2 KNO3 (aq) + PbSO4 (s). The total ionic equation is Pb+2 (aq) + SO4-2 -> PbSO4 (s).

Do aqueous solutions of ionic compounds conduct electricity?

Ionic Compoud. Solid- No Liquid - Yes Aqueous solution - Yes

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