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Is Pele better than maradona?


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I believe Maradona is better then Pele. Pele did score more goal's the Maradona , but the way Maradona scored goal's was pure beauty. Maradona would take on 2-5 players and then score. Pele was great but lets face it, he did not play in a great league. Pele played in the brazillian league and then he played in America. Those league's did not have great players in them at all. Maradona played in Serie A. During that time Serie A Italian league was the hardest league to succeed in with Socretes, Roberto baggio, Platini, Van basten and much more. Maradona had played with the best and beat the best. Brazil always had a strong team but in 1986 world cup Argintina did not have a strong team. Maradona had won that world cup on his own. simple as that. Maradona had took drugs and was not and did have problems off the field. But we are talking about soccer not personality. In my view Maradona was the best soccer player that ever lived.