Is Peyton Manning having an affair?

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no. Peyton may be a Colt, but he is a saint at heart
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What should you do if your girlfriend is having an affair with a black man?

well for one, you shouldnt be so racist! and for two you should dump her then she might want you back, BUT.... you MUST be the first to dump she cant dump you first or our plan wont work! she isnt a real girlfriend if she cheats on you, just take that in mind ok! also be strong dont let her hurt you ( Full Answer )

If a man is having an affair will he stay with the wife if he loves her?

If this man loves his wife, he wouldn't have the affair. It doesn't matter what's their problem is, they will both solve it. But your question is would he stay with his wife if he still loves his wife? It depends if he still loves his wife, and he never really cared for his mistress except sex he co ( Full Answer )

What do you do if the man you are having an affair with all the sudden ignores you?

You do nothing - you move on with your life. You should have known that as the "other woman" you were just being used for his selfish needs and there was really nothing else between you. He had no intentions of leaving his wife and being with you. Move on with your life and try to focus your interes ( Full Answer )

How do you know if the married man your having an affair with really likes you?

You don't and the odds are very slim that he is or ever will. When a man is cheating on his wife with you "the other woman" you are just that "the other woman" and he had no intentions of leaving his wife for you he is just using you for his own selfish needs. You should really get him out of your l ( Full Answer )

If a married woman has an affair and gets pregnant by the man whom she is having an affair with what rights does that man get?

I am currently in this situation and my baby was just born. The biological father is filling a custody suit at this time. His lawyer says one thing and my lawyer says another. I guess it'll be up to the judge. Should a chap plant his corn in a field which he has a legal binding to: such as ownersh ( Full Answer )

Where is Peyton manning from?

\nPeyton Manning is origannly from the New Orleans area. he went to Isidore Newman High School, and in his senior year won the Gatorade Player of the Year Award.

What is a woman called if she is having an affair with a married man?

She would be called a 'Mistress' among some not so nice names by those that disagree with the relationship. When women have affairs with married men the percentage is high that she isn't honest with herself and knows a married man is safe and she doesn't have to commit to him (same can apply to the ( Full Answer )

Does a man take Viagra and not be having an affair?

No it does not mean they are having an affair. There are many reasons a man may be taking Viagra:. If diabetic the libido is low and Viagra can help. . Some medications can cause low libido and Viagra may be prescribed by that individuals doctor. . Male penis dysfunction is very common in men 40 ( Full Answer )

Who is after Peyton Manning?

I assume by "after" you mean "backup". Since Jim Sorgi got cut, Curtis Painter is Peyton's backup.

You are single and having an affair with a married man What do you do?

Firstly, stop hurting his wife. Decide whether you want to be together and if the answer is yes then he needs to leave his wife and you need to work on trust issues. How do you know he isn't going to cheat on you too? ANSWER: Why in god's name you decided to hook up with the married man? Did ( Full Answer )

Does a man become impotent with his wife when he is having an affair?

Yes there are some married man who have this problem, because of his affair. The other woman or mistress is new to this married man, and everything she does is to excite him and satisfy his needs. This are not the case when it comes to his wife. Especially if they have been married for a long time, ( Full Answer )

Having an affair and want the other man?

Your detail is not really complete, and it will be hard to help you. So I will do my best. If you are the wife and you have this problem your life will be a mess more than you know. Did your husband knows what going on behind his back, if he is the two of you are heading to a divorce court. But if y ( Full Answer )

If you are sure your wife having affair with a man what to do?

Depending on your personal relationship and how you value it, you can a - confront them ( after you have rock hard proof) and attempt to move past it. Or b - consult a lawyer before you confront them and collect proof . It will help your standing in the divorce. Odds are though regardless the situat ( Full Answer )

You are having an affair with a married man what does it mean if he wants to stop it?

most likely his wife found out and he wants to save his marriage and family instead of ruining his life ANSWER: A few reason he might have that if he didn't break up with you, things will not be pleasant for him. It could be that he realize the mistakes he done to his wife will be horrible. Or h ( Full Answer )

You are a married woman having an affair The man you are having an affair with is becoming more possessive Should you be concerned?

Yes; since this may lead to abuse, domestic violence and a lot more dangerous things that you don't want to deal with. I'm going to be honest here, but I think that you were in the wrong. You cheated on your Husband, which is always something to be ashamed of. Since the man that you're having ( Full Answer )

What should a woman do if she is having an affair while her husband is deployed and she falls in love with the man?

Ooh, that's tough. I've been cheated on and finding out is not the greatest feeling in the world. However there are many different things to take into account. You might not be able to handle the lifestyle of waiting around for any news from your husband. So you might be giving up on the idea of bei ( Full Answer )

Im having an affair but she is still sleeping with her man?

If she is living or married to this man why would you think she wouldn't be sleeping with him because it's a relationship. An 'affair' means that one is cheating on their mate with another. Cheating is wrong and the persons cheating generally lose out. Answer: Wow I didn't know that you are jea ( Full Answer )

What does Oklahoma state law say if a married woman has an affair and gets pregnant by the man whom she is having an affair with what rights does that man get?

I don't know Oklahoma law, but I suspect that her husband is presumed to be the child's father unless/until there's a court order to the contrary. Such order would typically be based on an acknowledgment of paternity or genetic testing. After that happens, you can talk about "rights," including the ( Full Answer )

Why did Henry VIII think Anne Boleyn was having an affair with another man?

When Anne miscarried a male child, Henry declared that their marriage was the product of witchcraft. Henry explored ways in which he could leave Anne without having to go back to his first wife. Anne was arrested with the charges of adultery, incest with her brother and treason. The charges had litt ( Full Answer )

Why does your wife seem blinded to what she has done to you and your family while having an affair with a married man?

Although there is no excuse for cheating on a spouse it is very apparent that your marriage lacked good communication skills and if you had both worked at communicating you would know how the other was feeling and could have worked on any problems before she cheated. She may feel justified in what s ( Full Answer )

Signs a man is having an affair?

Not having sex with you, being out more with no or odd explanations, more secretive, doesn't answer phone, too many wrong numbers - any of those are concerns. i no this as my best friend had a boyfriend and dumped her and went out with some1 else called minnie and she is my sister. One day she wo ( Full Answer )

Why is a man whose wife is expecting a baby having an affair?

I will never know how it feels if what's going on with you happens to me. Your husband is only thinking of himself. I don't care if he says that he misses the intimacy that the two of you had before you got pregnant, but to do such things while you are carrying a baby is horrible. Man that do this i ( Full Answer )

How to find out if a man is having an affair?

It depends.. does the man look like a guy who cheats. Well secretly get someone to follow him and see what he is up to and if he tells you he is going to the pool hall say "OK" and let him leave but then see where he is actually going call him and say " Hey are you at the pool hall now" and listen f ( Full Answer )

What is the man thinking of the women he is having the affair with?

Men are individuals so it depends on the man and what they are thinking of the woman they are having the affair with. At first when the affair is new the man generally cannot wait to see her, but, just like the marriage he is in he could quickly get bored seeing his mistress and move on; breakup the ( Full Answer )

Does it really matter if the man your having an affair is married?

Yes, it does matter that you are having an affair with a married man. It takes away from your own character and cheapens you because it labels you a mistress (you could be named in divorce proceedings) and he may well just be using you for a sexual relationship. Men that have affairs with other wome ( Full Answer )

What if a military man is having an affair with a married woman?

That'd be pretty unethical. I mean a military man represents this country, serves the good, and acts as a role model to many others. Having an affair with a married woman goes against his morals, and essentially his obligation.

How do you get over a man having an affair?

ANSWER: If this is your husband or a boyfriend, you don't. It will take a while before you can accept what he did. Time is the only one that can help you, time will heal your pain, not all but it will. It did happened to me.

Is it ok to kill a man for having an affair with your wife?

Roman Catholic Answer Murder is always a mortal sin which will get you condemned to hell for all eternity, so, no, I do not think it is ever okay to kill a man, regardless of the provocation. Protestant Answer No, it's not right (but it is understandable), because it is breaking the 6th Comman ( Full Answer )

What is the pros and cons of having an affair with a married man?

Don't! Affairs are horrible and they can screw up families if they last long enough. If you are married and he is married than explain to your spouses that you are loosing interest. Then you can date them the right way. Just dnt make a fool of your spouse.

What to say to the man you know your wife is having an affair with?

Anything you want. You can play it any way you are able. Mention she has aids and watch his response. Punch him. Simply tell him you know. Tell him you hope he can afford her because you are divorcing her and naming him as the reason. ANSWER: There is nothing you can say to this man, because it ( Full Answer )

Why do some women never feel remorse about having affairs with a married man?

We human beings are very good at inventing justifications for what we do. In this particular case, popular justifications include, his wife doesn't really deserve him, or doesn't really love him, and I am much better for him that she is, and he was pressured into that marriage anyway, and what harm ( Full Answer )

Is love or lust more powerful when a man is having an affair?

Both men and women are generally physically attracted to each other and with most men it is often lust first (sexual.) Some men want to think they are still attractive to other women and are not confident in themselves and having an affair often gives them a boost of ego or makes older men feel youn ( Full Answer )

How can you tell if the man you are having an affair with is just using you for sex?

A woman should know instinctively, but sometimes instincts are clouded by other things, attraction, passion and whatnot. While being used "as a sex object" can be rather flattering initially, it gets old very fast. Generally speaking if you ask him the direct question, he will deceive you, so save y ( Full Answer )

How will you feel if the man you married always fall asleep on you but never did when he was having an affair?

Truthfully speaking i would rather he falls asleep when you're in love with someone it hurts if they cheat on you it feels like the honesty you had between you were betrayed, i pray to the Almighty than this never happens, the question is what are we doing on our end to make them so interested that ( Full Answer )

Why is Peyton manning out?

Peyton Manning is out for the season due to neck surgery he had during his off season after the 2010-2011 season. Peyton was expected to be ready for the 2011-2012 season but will be out the whole season.

How can you tell if the man you are having an affair with still loves his wife?

You are the mistress and often men seek out other women (often younger than themselves) for the excitement and to feel young again. The man may also be bored in his marriage instead of dealing with the problems in his marriage. In some cases yes, the husband still loves his wife and uses his mistres ( Full Answer )

Will a Pakistani Muslim man be forgiven for having an affair?

He will not be forgiven if he had an affair outside marriage unless he repents, intends not to do it again, and God for forgiveness. Then God by His mercy may forgive him. It is per Islam teachings that a Muslim man (married or not married) can't, per Islam religion, have an affair with any woman (M ( Full Answer )

Do married man also jealous with the married woman their having affair with?

ANSWER: It depends on what kind of a married man he is, some married man will not be jealous towards their mistress, but no one will ever know, right? there's only one reason I can think of why this married man will feel jealous, he already fell in love with the other woman. When it comes to our hea ( Full Answer )