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I don't think Bush is trying to take our democracy away, he's trying the best he can to keep our country safe. HE has been put in a very difficult situation and these aren't just his decisions, they have to be supported by Congress in order to become laws so obviously other people feel the same way he does. Please give Bush some credit he's doing the best he can. And if you don't like the way he's running things why don't you stand up and take action! This is your country to so just don't sit there and complain! DO SOMETHING!!!!! Answer above, says it all.

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โˆ™ 2007-12-19 01:33:17
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Q: Is President Bush is trying to take our Democracy away?
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What can not be taken away in a democracy?

The rule of the people, so long as it remains a democracy.

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There is a certain amount of time after the presidency of any former president that they are still protected, but not forever. Around 5 or so years.

What are the problems of a direct democracy?

The biggest problem with a direct democracy is that the rights of the minorities may be taken away in the process.

How does the vice president become president?

a vice president becomes president when the president passes away Example: Vice President President President passes away Vice President becomes President (and it has been done before)

What changes did Pericles introduced to Athens?

to move away from democracy

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How did the democracy in Athens differ from the democracy we have in the US?

Athens had direct democracy - the citizens in fortnightly assembly made the decisions and the Council implemented them. The US has representative democracy where people are elected by the citizens to Congress, and the congressmen do what they can get away with, not implement the wishes of the citizens.

Which president is from Connecticut?

George H. W. Bush lived in Connecticut from early infancy until age 13 when he went to away to Massachusetts for prep school. He was born in Mass. George w. Bush was born in Connecticut while his father was a student at Yale but the family moved to Texas when his father graduated.

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yes, Barack Obama once thought about taking away weekend's. Why couldn't the president take away summer!?

How was Hitler undemocratic?

Hitler's government was undemocratic because when the president of Germany Hindenburg offered him the highest and powerful position Chancellorship as the first step he passed a decree known as the 'Fire Decree' he take away the freedom of speech,assembly and press through this act he was trying to threw away democracy from Germany and then he passed another act known as the 'Enabling act'. In this act he ordered his army troop to imprison all the parties except the Nazi party.

How many times is the word democracy in the constitution?

None. America is a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy. A Democracy ruled by the majority can be persuaded to take away freedoms and property. Under a Constitutional Republic, such power does not exist.

Which freedom are usually taken away when a democracy is overthrown by the military?

Free speech

What freedom is usually taken away when a democracy is overthrown by the military?

free speech