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Q: Is Rejene effective also with stretch marks that's causes of menstruation?
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What causes pregnancy before menstruation?

The same thing that causes pregnancy after menstruation: sex.

What causes a prolonged menstruation and rashes on arms and legs?

i have a rash sometimes in my menstruation;why is causin.g this

What causes menstruation to smell?


What causes fluid in the uterus when you have an IUD?


What are the causes of delay in menstruation?

this could be pregnancy or stress.

What causes groin pain in women?

mostly during the menstruation cycle causes the most pain

What causes a dried blood menstruation?

dry blood in menstration

What causes clotting during menstruation?

They are typically a normal part of menstruation, more common when a woman has been sitting or in a stationary position for a while

What causes a bolt to stretch?

the force

What causes breakdown of uterus lining?

When an egg is not fertilized by sperm, this causes the breakdown of the uterus lining. It is known as menstruation.

The breakdown and discharge of the uterine lining out of the vagina causes?

It causes menstruation (aka period). ~Karen~

What causes a stretch mark to rupture?

Heavy lifting

Can anemia make you miss a period?

Anemia causes a lack of oxygen to the body. Which can cause irregular menstruation, and even a few skipped menstruation cycles. It is best to discuss this with a doctor.

What causes excessive urination?

alcohol pregnancy; uti/bladder infection; menstruation in women

What causes Pelvic pain on left side just under hip bone?


Why menstruation process ocure in female and not in male?

this is related to the ratio of video games in a person life. the lack of video games causes menstruation in females because their genitals become bored.

Causes of excess menstruation?

Causes:frequent use of aspirinhistory of abortion

What are the causes of groin injuries?

you stretch your groin to an extent it gets hurt.

What causes your scrotum to hang so much stretch as you get old?


Stress that causes rock layers to stretch and move apart?


What causes discharge to smell like iron?

it is because of the iron contents present in the blood secreated from the menstruation

What would cause menstruation to stop in your early forties?

Some of the causes include pregnancy and premature menopause.

What causes menstruation to occur?

When a woman passes an unfertalized egg each month it passes through the uterus

What are the causes of prolong menstruation?

There are a lot of causes. Could be stress if only happens once every year. Go see a doctor or a gynecologist. It might be cancer of the uterus.

What causes your body to want to stretch?

Your body wants to stretch because it may have no leg room or has been crammed in a small space with loads of other people.