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Is Rev'd ever used to abbreviate Reverend?

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Without the apostrophe, yes; thus: Revd. John Smith. If you're seeing "rev'd" it could be an abbreviated form of "revised" (depending on the context, of course!)

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How do you abbreviate the word used?


Definition of Reverend?

'Reverend' is used as a title or form of address to members of the clergy.

How do you abbreviate present?

Prsnt. But is is rarely used.

What makes a reverend a right reverend?

There's no such thing in Christianity. Reverend is an archaic term used by some churches to designate someone ordained above a deacon, and a right reverend is an archaic term used to designate higher clerics.

How do you abbreviate training?

There are different ways you can abbreviate training. The most commonly used abbreviations for training are trg and trng .

How do you abbreviate reservation?

The most recognized abbreviate of reservation is RSVP. This is used on many invitations to gathers such as committees and Weddings.

Can a female be a Reverend?

yes why of course my reverend is a gurl cause her husband (which used to be the reverend)passed away so now she is and i will be to someday

How do you abbreviate course?

Crse, crs, cre and C are four possibilities used to abbreviate course. I prefer to use Crse.

Abbreviation for Houston?

HOU is used to abbreviate Houston.

What is a sentence using the word abbreviate?

To abbreviate means to make something shorter. Often this refers to words, but it can be used for other situations as well.My name is Thomas James, but most people abbreviate it to TJ.This section is going to run into the commercials, we better abbreviate the script slightly.

How do you abbreviate flight?

The correct abbreviation used by airlines is FLT.

Can you abbreviate master on a letter?

Master is used without abbreviation.

What is the abbrevation for supervisor?

Often, super is used to abbreviate supervisor.

Name used only once in bible?

If you search the Bible from cover to cover, you will find "reverend" only ONCE, and is the name of GOD Psa 111:9 He sent redemption unto his people: he hath commanded his covenant for ever: holy and reverend is his name.

What letter is used to abbreviate electric current?

letters is used as an abbreviation for electric current is

How do you abbreviate Monthly?

There are several ways that are acceptable to abbreviate monthly. Depending on the context that it is used a simple M, the letters MTh and mthly are all acceptable.

What does abbreviate mean?

abbreviate means to use shortforms ex- KBC- kaun banega crorepathi kbc is the abbreviation used for kaun banega crorepathi .

Who is a reverend?

A reverend is a cleric, "man of the cloth", "deliverer of the Gospel", priest, preacher, pastor, Reverend Father, Most Holy Reverend, Venerable Reverend, etc. When used as part of the title when referring to the person, the title is capitalized, such as "Hello Pastor Jones", "Thank you for seeing me Reverend Father", "I'm happy to meet you Preacher Jones."Prior to the 1900s, Preacher was the most used title among clerics or "men of the cloth".

How do you abbreviate humanities?

In school (20 years ago) they used HUM

How do you abbreviate the word loaf?

There is no commonly used abbreviation for the word "loaf."

How do you abbreviate the word fitness center?

You can abbreviate the phrase "fitness center" any way you want. There is no standard abbreviation, although "ctr" is often used for "center."

Do you abbreviate avenue in a sentence?

Some people use "Ave." and some people use "Av." to abbreviate "Avenue" in a sentence, when used in conjunction with the name of the avenue.

What is the difference between a Bishop and a Reverend?

Bishops are the chiefs of Reverends of certain areas. Reverend is used for Fathers and sisters of Christianity who are below the Bishops and lordship is used for Bishops.

How do you abbreviate the titles when a person has both a bachelor and a master's?

You abbreviate the master's degree only. The abbreviations are typically used for the master's and doctorate degrees, not the associates or bachelor's degree.

How do you abbreviate the word addendum?

I have always used Addm, but many use ADD.