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Possibly. Reagan is regarded as the pioneer of the Economics which have led to the great economic downfall of modern times. If the world collapses as a result of these crises, it will be easy to trace the blame back to Reagan's "greed is good" policies.

Aside from that, Reagan met every single requirement to be named as the anti-Christ as set forth in Revelation chapters 12 and 13. Revelation Chapter 12 actually calls this figure The Great Red Dragon from which it is easy to get the name Reagan in more ways than one. Reagan was shot and wounded in an assassination attempt and the anti-Christ or Beast of Revelation 13 has to survive a fatal wound. Reagan also bears the mark of the Beast 666 in that all three of his names contained six letters. Further more there will be a dollar coin with Reagan's picture on it without which it will be difficult to buy or sell come 2016. Now dollars still have some value but by then they will be worth about 50 cents or less and dollar coins will become fashionable to use not simply to collect. And finally there is a talking doll in Reagan's image. Revelation chapter 13 also speaks of this doll as the talking image of the beast. All told Reagan meets the requirements of the prophecy more so than any other man in history and the chances of such an advent happening again is almost nil. Not to forget to mention that the one to expose the anti-Christ has to be the second coming of Christ and only one such man took on Reagan in this capacity. Gregory GOrDon broke into Reagan's home in order to expose Reagan as his opposite on July 4th of 1990. And GOrDon is the only man to have thoroughly researched the topic prensenting his findings in several versions of a book one of which is linked to on this page.

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Q: Is Ronald Reagan the antichrist
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