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Is Russia a communist country?

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It was but they arnt now

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Is Russia a democratic or communist country?

Russia is a democratic country of sorts. It is no longer a communist country, meaning it is no longer a country controlled by the Communist Party. Russia, never was a communist country as Karl Marx described communism. In fact, there has never been a true Marxian communist country.

Presently 2012 is russia a communist country?

Russia is no longer communist

In 1946 was Russia communist or capitalist?

Russia was a communist country between the years 1917 and 1990, so in 1946 it was a communist country.

Does Russia have a communist government?

russia was the first country in the world to have a communist government.

Is Russia communist country?

no it is notNo.

How did Russia become a communist country?

it became a country because Russia is a boss.

What did Lenin do in Russia?

He took Russia out of WWi and transformed Russia into a communist country.

What communist country controlled many of the other communist countries?


What was the first country to become communist?

Russia, which was the core of the USSR, was the first country to become communist.

What country turned communist in 1917?


What country became communist in 1947?


Which country had a communist revolution in 1917?


Is russia a communist country in 2013?


Was Russia the only communist country that was communist?

No, and the question is redundant. The countries russia took under it's wing during that time were communist as well.

What country did a communist revolution break out in in 1917?


What country did Lenin lead communist to power in?

It was Russia

Is Russia still a communist country?


What country are still communism today?

Answer:China, Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea, and Russia are still Communist countries.

What government is Russia run by?

Russia is a communist country in which the wealth is distributed equally by the government.

What country ended world war 1 as the first communist country?


What country is a communist country?

China, Russia, Cuba just to name a few

What country in Europe was the first country to become a communist dictatorship?

The USSR (Russia)

What country turned communist after WWI?

After WW1 Russia became the U.S.S.R or Soviet Union, which was Communist

Which communist country held for the first time the Olympics?


Why is now Russia not a communist country?

There was a fall of USSR, if you remember.