Is Russia a rich country?

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Is Russia a poor or rich country?

russia is a middle class country

Is Russia a rich country or a poor country?

Russia is rich in terms of government, however, its citizens are not as well off. The citizens of Russia do not make enough to be considered rich, but they are definitely not poor (the GDP per capita of Russia is more than 1.5x the world average).

How did the country Russia became rich over the years?

With the history.

Russia is rich or poor?

Russia is rich!

Is Russia a rich or poor country?

in betteweebIt is actually both. The rich are very rich and the poor are very poor with a a small middle class. There are more poor people in Russia right now though.

Is Russia rich?

Russia is a mix of rich and poor

How is Russia rich?

Russia is a very large country. It is hugely rich in natural resources such as oil, coal and minerals. It has been "living" off this wealth for many years. It is Russia's natural resources that make it "rich"

What is one interesting fact about Russia?

Russia is the largest country in the world. Russia is rich in natural resources, especially oil, natural gas and timber. Russia is the only country with 12 seas on its territory. Russia is the beast country for sucking dicks oh yer Hope this helps :)

Is Russia a wealthy country?

Russia itself is a wealthy country because of the natural resources,land,forest,winters,mountains and volcanoes.But wealthy as in money,Russia has always been in between.Neither rich or poor.

Is Russia poor or rich?


Why is Russia rich?

Russia is rich cuz in ww2 they owned the half of the oil production and industry.

Why is Russia one of the world leading powers?

Because Russia is huge and has plenty of natural resources. Coal,Wood...everything!Russia is the largest country in the world that is both is Europe and Asia,it is economically fit and is just a great country with a very rich history.

Is America the riches country?

America is the richest country in the world. Other rich countries include China, India, Japan, and Germany, as well as Russia.

Are people in Russia rich or poor?

There are many poor people and many rich people in Russia and lots that are neither rich nor poor.

Is Russia a city or country?

Russia is a country.

Is Russia a city?

No, it is a country.

Is Spain a poor country or a rich country?

its a rich country

Does Russia have free will?

Russia is a country. A country does not have free will -- it is a country. If you're talking about the population of Russia...of course they do.

Why is the Russia not an Asian country?

Russia is an Asian country,.

Is Russia a country or a continent?

Russia is a country in Eurasia.

Which country is Russia in?

Russia is a country,but is in the continent Europe

Is Brazil a rich country or a poor country?

i think that it is a rich country

Russia is the capital of what country?

Russia isn't a city, it is a country. The capital of Russia is Moscow, but Russia itself isn't a city.

Is uzbekistan a rich country?

yes it is a rich country

Is Albania a rich country?

it is a very rich country

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