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Is Russia communistic?

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Not anymore. Russia used to be run by a communist party until the August 1991 coup but then Boris Yeltsin put down that coup. Afterwards, Yeltsin established a semi-presidential republic.

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What did Stalin want?

a communistic russia

Where does prokofiev come from?

Prokofiev was born and raised in communistic Russia.

Is Islamic republic a communistic country?

Islamic republic is of Islamic religious system and is not communistic

What type of government takes complete control of the agriculture industry?

i think communistic i think communistic

What countries are under command economies?

China, South Korea, Cuba, and Russia are countries that are under command economies. This type of economy is common in a communistic country.

Was Haiti ever communistic?


Was the Soviet Union communistic?


Was Belgium ever communistic?

No, never !

Is Australia communistic?

Australia is a capitalist democracy.

What country has a communistic economic system?


How is Cuba ruled?

I believe its a communistic dictatorship

Was Adolph Hitler communistic?

no Hitler was totalitarianist

Is South Korea communistic?

South Korea contains a republic government with powers shared between the president, the legislature, and the courts. So, no, South Korea is not communistic.

What divided the continent of europe into communist and noncommunist countries?

The Iron Curtain was the line drawn between Western and Eastern Europe, or Communistic and Non-Communistic Europe.

How is the Berlin Wall a symbol of the cold war?

It seperated the communistic part of germany from the capitalistic part symbolizing seperation between capitalistic USA and communistic UdSSR

Is Cuba communistic?

Yes, Cuba is a communist country.

What is life like in Vietnam today?


What country was communistic but is outside the Iron Curtain?


Who owns all the property in a communistic government?

the leader

What type of government does North Vietnam have today?


How do you email the Communist Party of Russia?

Russian communistic party web site: OOPS, there is no party e-mail on this site KPRF Press secretary e-mail:

When was Berlin Wall built and why?

1961, officially to protect the communistic part of the city from capitalism, but in reality to keep the people from leaving the communistic part. The capitalist part was doing better economically so everybody wanted to move there. This was called braindrain. The communistic leaders had to stop this, because they needed their people for their economy.

What are 3 ways government can be classified?

communistic socalistic capitolistic

How many communistic countries does Latin America have?

ya mum

What gives a supervisor the right to edit WikiAnswers isn't this a bit communistic?

Supervisors have lots of rights on the site. Any user can work their way to show they are ready to become Supervisors. This system is not Communistic.

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