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Is San Diego California or Reno Nevada farther west?


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Reno is farther west

San Diego is on the Pacific coast. You would think the Pacific ocean is as far west as you can go. However, Reno is farther west than San Diego. California's southern half bends eastward underneath Nevada. In the same vein, Minnesota is farther north than Maine.


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California wraps around the bottom of Nevada. It starts out west of Reno and ends up east of it.

Four hundred ninety-two (492) is the air mileage from Reno, Nevada, to San Diego, California. That equals 791 kilometers or 427 nautical miles.

Don't they have maps where you are? Reno is further west.

No, Reno is in Nevada.

It is 559.90 miles according to MapQuest.

Reno is in west central Nevada, about 10 miles from the California-Nevada border.

Reno is a city in Nevada, located northeast of San Diego, CA.

Reno is a city in west central Nevada, about 10 miles from the California-Nevada border.

It is about a 9-9.5 hour drive that covers about 558 miles.

No, Spokane is farther east than Los Angeles. However, Reno, Nevada, is farther west than Los Angeles. Also, Spokane is farther west than San Diego.

it is 282.92 miles from willits California to Reno Nevada about a travel time of 4hours and 54 minutes

Reno Nevada is the farthest west out of Spokane, Reno, Los Angeles or San Diego.

Seattle's in Washington, about 710 miles north of Reno.

Reno, Nevada is the farthest west, followed by Los Angeles and then San Diego.

It is the name of a lake on the California-Nevada border near Reno.

Yes, if the authorities in Reno are willing to extradite you back to Nevada.

It is 131.85 miles according to MapQuest.

It is 452.45 miles according to MapQuest.

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