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San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico.

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San Juan,PUERTO RICO so Puerto Rico.

Yes, San Juan is the Capital of Puerto Rico.

Yes, San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico.

Cristopher Columbus discovered San Juan in Puerto Rico

Last time I was there San Juan was in Puerto Rico, 0 (zero) miles.

How long is the flight from cincinnati OH. to San Juan Puerto Rico

San Juan is the capital city of Puerto Rico, a tropical island.

San Juan is the capital of puerto rico

Ho long is a flight from sfo to san juan, puerto rico?

Capital of Puerto Rico is San Juan.

La capital de Puerto Rico es la ciudad de San Juan. The capital of Puerto Rico is San Juan.

2758 air miles from Denver Colorado to San Juan Puerto Rico

san juan puerto rico is on 18º 28' N 66º 07' W

The largest cities in Puerto Rico are San Juan, Bayamon, Ponce, and Carolina. San Juan is the largest city in Puerto Rico with a population of 418,4100 people.

San Juan is a city in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico was named by the Taino people, Boriken, (Borinquen), When the spaniards arrived to the island they named it San Juan Bautista(Saint John the Baptist), and the capital, Puerto Rico, then later on the names got switched, the island Puerto Rico, and the capital, San Juan Bautista, San Juan for short.

3596 miles, or 5788 kilometers, from San Jose CA, to San Juan, puerto Rico.

Th capital of Puerto Rico Is San Juan.

the principle's of Puerto Rico is San Juan and Ponce.

The flight distance from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to San Juan, Puerto Rico is 1,575 miles.

About 35 miles from Old San Juan to Fajardo (as the crow flies!).

puerto rico ocean and seas atlanntic acean san juan

It is 1,550 miles from Atlanta, Georgia to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

San Juan is the capital of the US territory called the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The city's official Name is Municipio de la Ciudad Capital San Juan Bautista.San Juan was originally founded by Spanish colonists in 1521. San Juan is one of Puerto Rico's most valuable tourist hubs, seaports and financial and cultural centers.San juan, puerto rico.