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Q: Is Sandstone Corp on the wastington monument?
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What monument is made of sandstone?

One example of a sandstone monument is in Luxor, Egypt. It is the Ramesseum, Memorial Temple of Rameses II .

What is the Washington monument made of?

Marble, Granite and Sandstone

What materials is the Washington Monument built from?

Blocks of Maryland marble, granite and sandstone

What 3 types of stone did they used to build the Washington Monument?

marble, granite, and sandstone

Which monument has pink honey combed 953 sandstone window known as Jharokhas?

Hawa Mahal

Where is the Douglas County Veterans Monument Foundation Corp in Castle Rock Colorado located?

The address of the Douglas County Veterans Monument Foundation Corp is: 4400 Castleton Court, Castle Rock, CO 80104-7902

What has the author Nuanlak Watsantachad written?

Nuanlak Watsantachad has written: 'An investigation of sandstone consolidation method for the northern Gopura of the Phimai sanctuary, a khmer monument in Thailand' -- subject(s): Penn theses, Historic preservation 'An investigation of sandstone consolidation method for the northern Gopura of the Phimai sanctuary, a khmer monument in Thailand'

What kind of animals live in wastington?

what kind of animals live in Wasington

What type of rock is the Abu Simbel in Egypt made out of?

According to Academia Brooklyn, the monument or collection of two temples was carved out of sandstone

Was George Wastington born in Califoria?

no. George Washington was born in the Colony of Virginia.

In what state is the Monument valley?

Monument Valley is located in the Colorado Plateau region, near the four corners area, on the Utah-Arizona state border. It lies within the Navajo Indian Reservation and consists of large sandstone buttes.

What is Samuel wensley blackall's monument made out of?

It was made out of sandstone, marble and tiles. Built on the most expensive part of the cemetery and one of the tallest graves

What rock type was used to build India Gate monument in Delhi India?

Granite and red sandstone are the main materials used to build the India Gate monument. Newer Indian structures like the Amar Jawan Jyoti are made up of marble.

How big is sandstone and why is it called sandstone?

because the sandstone is smooth and big

What is the common name for sandstone?

The common name for sandstone - is sandstone. Sandstone is a sedimentary rock formed from grains of sand.

Is sandstone sedimentary?

sandstone is sedimentary

Who designed and constructed qutub minar?

Qutub Minar or Qutub Minar is an Islamic monument made of red sandstone and marble. It was designed and constructed by Qutb-ud-din Aibak in 1192.

What type of rock is tiwanaku?

Tiwanaku is a place, not a single monument. They used many types of stone for their many many stoneworks, but sandstone, with copper brackets, seems to have been most common.

Which weathers faster sandstone or granite?

Sandstone is a delicate rock. Sandstone weathers faster.

Is sandstone chemical?

No, sandstone is a sedimentary rock.

What is lusture of sandstone?

Sandstone has dull lustre.

What is the end product of sandstone?

Um.... sandstone

What is metamorphosed sandstone?

Quartzite is metamorphosed sandstone.

What is sandstone made from?

Sandstone is made from sand.

Sandstone is in what class?

Sandstone is sedimentary rock