Is Saudi Arabia in Asia or Africa?

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Saudi Arabia, and the Arabian peninsula, are considered part of Asia, to which the peninsula is directly connected. Being the southwest section, it is the closest part of the Asian continent to Africa. The countries around Saudi Arabia are known as the Middle East and share a geopolitical history with Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea.

Some maps twenty to thirty years ago classified Saudi Arabia as part of Africa, as were the Sinai Peninsula and the countries north of the Red Sea. The division is not geographically clear-cut, nor is the division of Eurasia into Europe and Asia. However, nobody makes the assertion that Saudi Arabia is part of Africa as of 2012.
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Where is Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is located in the Middle East which is the area of southwest Asia. Saudi Arabia occupies most of the Arabian Peninsula. It is in extreme southwest Asia, on the Arabian Peninsula along with Iraq, Jordan, Yemen, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait.

Is Saudi Arabia in Aisa or Africa?

Saudi Arabia is in south-western Asia. However, the area it is in is most commonly reffered to as the "Middle East".

What is Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia lies in the area known as the Middle East, and occupies about 80% of the Arabian Peninsula. The East coast lies on the Arabian Gulf and the West on the Red Sea.

What is the absolute location of Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is a rather large country. It generally fits into 30 o -15 o N Latitude and 40 o -55 o E Longitude. Saudi Arabia is a large country with diverse landscape. Many are surprised to find that the country has green, fertile areas in the North and the South. The GPS coordiantes for the C ( Full Answer )

How many transportation in Saudi Arabia?

Types of transportation found: Cars, SUV's, Trucks Taxis, minibusses, coaches Railways Aircraft, fixed and rotary wing Horses Donkeys Finally, the trusty old camel

What sea lies between Africa and Saudi Arabia?

The sea that lies between these two countries is called the Red Sea. The tip of this sea is also known as the Gulf of Aqaba and has 3 important cities: Taba in Egypt, Eilat in Israel, and Aqaba in Jordan.

Is Saudi Arabia in?

What do you mean by in? I think he/she thinks which contents is it in. It is in the middle east.

How is Saudi Arabia related to Southwest Asia?

Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country. It is related to Southwest Asiabecause it is situated in Southwest Asia. It has close relationswith the other countries of this region.

Is Saudi Arabia only in Asia or is it part of Africa too?

Saudi Arabia, and the Arabian peninsula, are considered part of Asia , to which the peninsula is directly connected. Being the southwest section, it is the closest part of the Asian continent to Africa.

Are Mauritania and Saudi Arabia in Africa?

Mauritania is in northwest Africa, but Saudi Arabia is on the Arabian Peninsula in Asia, just across the Red Sea from the northeast coast of Africa.

How is Saudi Arabia?

If you are asking "What is Saudi Arabia?" Then here is your answer .. Saudi Arabia is a country .. Saudi Arabia is located in the far south-west of Asia And it's an Arabic-Muslim country .. .

Was Saudi Arabia originally Arabia?

yes, all the lands under the territories of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were inhabited, before the initiation of the Kingdom, with Arabs. However, Arabia is a region that includes territory outside of Saudi Arabia, such as the countries of Yemen, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.

Are Saudi Arabia and Arabia used interchangeably?

Only by people who do not know the geography of the World. Saudi Arabia is one of the countries of the Arabian peninsula. Saudi Arabia is a country while Arabia refers to the region.

Is Saudi Arabia in Africa?

No, Saudi Arabia is southwest Asia, not in Africa. The Arabian peninsula is across the Red Sea, E and NE of thecountries of northeastern Africa.

What is the physical geography of Saudi Arabia?

The physical geography of Saudi Arabia is basic desert, some hardpan, and in the southeast - the Empty Quarter - a vast featureless, arid desert with huge dunes. -Only the bravest will cross this, even in vehicles

Are people in Saudi Arabia Indian?

No, they are Arabs. And if you paid a bit of an effort and lookedto a map you would've found that India, where Indians come from, islike thousands of miles away from Saudi Arabia. However, there are a large number (millions) of Indian, Pakistani,and Bengali guestworkers living in Saudi Arabia.

What is national dress of Saudi Arabia?

The culture of Saudi Arabia requires conservative dress from bothgenders. Part of the national dress of the country is known as thegutra.

Why is monarchy the government of Saudi Arabia?

It is the permanent head of state government until he or her dies. There was a monarchy at Saudi Arabia's founding and nobody has opposed it since. Therefore, it continues to be the government of Saudi Arabia.

How do you make a living in Saudi Arabia?

A typical work day in Saudi Arabia the father goes to work at a office wile the mother stays home to clean up the house when the children go to school.

Why did Islam originate from Saudi Arabia?

Because the prophet of Islam Muhammad PBUH was born in Mecca & He received the first revelations from Allah in Ghar Hira'a " a name of a cave in Mecca" & because He established the first Islamic community in Al-Madeenah or Yathreb. Both Mecca & Al-Madeenah are situated in the KSA so Islam originat ( Full Answer )

Which animal is Saudi Arabia famous for?

Saudi Arabia is famous for the extensive featuring of the camel in the life and culture of the people. The camel is ideally suited to the desert conditions which have very sparse grazing. Although in the past it was predominantly a beast of burden, it is farmed extensively today to provide both meat ( Full Answer )

What are the types of food in Saudi Arabia?

many: dates and there are many varieties of dates, there are kinds of cookies made out of brown flower, rice with meat, and there are many others

What is the age of consent in Saudi Arabia?

There is no age of consent in Saudi Arabia. Sexual activity outside of marriage is illegal. If you are legally married, then you can consent..

Why are there accidents in Saudi Arabia?

lets understand something, -there are amazing big highways here which you can speed easily on which increases the risk of accidents, -the roads are very smooth in Riyadh Especially, hence very bad traction when in need to stop. -most cars are big (gas guzzlers) usually American made GMC especially. ( Full Answer )

Does Saudi Arabia have nuclear capabilities?

Saudi Arabia is not known to have a nuclear weapons program but since the mid-1990s, media reports have periodically alleged that Saudi Arabia is attempting to acquire nuclear weapons. Such rumors have spread in recent years amidst speculation that the Saudis would seek such armaments in reaction to ( Full Answer )

Is Saudi Arabia a capitalism economy?

Saudi Arabia, like the United States is a Capitalist Economy but the government does interfere with economy to regulate it. This is just like in USA where this happens in many incidents like FDR's New Deal

Do zebras live in Saudi Arabia?

To my knowledge they do not. I am not an zoologist though but I live in Saudi araibia, moved from the US and have not seen nor heard of any zebras here! Hope this helps :)

Is there any church in Saudi Arabia?

Yes and No. Currently, the law in Saudi Arabia is that no church can be built or modified in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so there are ostensibly no legal churches. A number of Westerners in Saudi Arabia have special gated communities where they live during their off-hours. These places are physi ( Full Answer )

Saudi Arabia famous people?

Prince Abassdullah Al Faisbumal, Shaikh Aayez Al Gapoorni ( author of the famous book: Don't be sad ), Al Waleed Ibn Talal, Majed Abdullah and Manboobsour Al Balawi.

Are there Christians in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Yes, there are Christians in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and they mostly are what would be called "underground" Christians, meaning they don't publicly talk about the fact that they are Christians, nor have public church meetings, because persecution of Christians there is very severe.

Who were the kings of Saudi Arabia?

1. Abdulaziz bin Saud. 2. Saud bin Abdulaziz. 3. Fisal bin Abdulaziz. 4. Khaled bin Abdulaziz. 5. Fahad bin Abdulaziz. 6. Abdullah bin Abdulaziz. (the recent king)

What is in saudi arabia?

There are many oil wells in Saudi Arabia. There is also a largeamount of natural gas. Population is approximately 29,195,895.

What is the difference between Saudi Arabia and Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is a country in the middle east located on the Arabian peninsula. So Saudi Arabia is the country and Arabia is just the peninsula. Sort of like how America is located on the continent of North America (and no, Arabia is NOT a continent)

Why is it that Saudi Arabia Celebrates Eid a day before South Africa?

It is because the moon is sighted at different times ! When the crescent moon is sighted it starts Ramadan. every time the moon goes around the earth it takes 29 and a half days so sometimes Muslims fast for 29 days and sometimes 30, depending on when the crescent moon is sighted again, hope i help ( Full Answer )

Is Saudi Arabia in Africia or Asia?

To be specific Saudi Arabia is in the Asian continent's region of the Middle East. Saudi Arabia plays in the Asian football cup and champion league cup not Africa or Europe. Asia is the answer.

How can you get in Saudi Arabia?

Typically people arrive either by flying into Riyadh or Jeddah or drive over the border from any of the neighboring countries (provided that there are no conflicts at the given time).