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Seaweed is not an animal of the sea's it's a plant.

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What type animal is a seaweed?

seaweed is a PROTIST related to the algae. seaweed does not have true tissue.

What animal eat seaweed?

Most ocean animals eat seaweed

Is seaweed a plant or an animal?

Seaweed is a protist. It does not have true tissue, and is related to algae.

What marine animal eats seaweed?

manatees eat almost nothing but seaweed

What sea animal eats seaweed?

Crustaceans are known to eat seaweed. Therefore, there is more than one animal that eats it which includes crayfish, crabs, lobsters and plankton.

What animal is toothpast made of?

Toothpaste isn't made of an animal. It has kelp (seaweed) in it though.

What type of fish live in seaweed?

The sargassum frogfish is one type of fish that lives in seaweed. This animal is able to use the seaweed to camouflage itself from its predators. With its adapted fins it has the ability to climb through the seaweed.

What type of food does seaweed eat?

Seaweed grows from sun light because it is a plant, and doesn't "eat" anything like an animal would.

Do crayfish eat seaweed?

Yes, crayfish do eat seaweed. Crayfish are omnivores, meaning they will eat both animal and plant matter in their environment.

Can seaweed evolve?

Certainly. Every living species can evolve. At some point seaweed evolved out of something, and other plants no doubt evolved out of seaweed-like ancestors. However, no individual plant or animal can evolve in the sense of changing into a different plant or animal in the course of a single lifetime.

What animal uses seaweed?

many do. the sea otter ties itself up with seaweed to prevent itself from drifting away on the tide while sleeping. the seaweed dragon hides amongst the seaweed, looking so much like the seaweed that predators cannot see it. there are many more creatures that use seaweed, but im not sur eof them right now.

What animal can eat sweed?

i only know one animal that can eat seaweed : turtles. but i think there is plenty more . Google it

Do prawns eat seaweed?

Prawns do eat seaweed. The prawn is considered to be a scavenger feeder. This means the animal will eat just about anything available including plankton and worms.

Do bull sharks eat seaweed?

Well, yes, assuming the seaweed is wrapped around or is inside a fish, a porpoise, a human or some other large animal...and then, only by accident.

How do mackerel hide from its predators?

by hiding in seaweed by hiding in seaweed by hiding in seaweed by hiding in seaweed

Is seaweed a parasite?

no because parasites are animal like and can move but seaweed is a plant so it doesn't move and animals find their own food as in plants make their own foodHOPED i helped

What plant don't horses like?

seaweed seaweed seaweed

How is seaweed and kelp different?

Seaweed is a general term. Kelp is a seaweed.

Is kale seaweed?

No, kale is not seaweed. Perhaps you mean "kelp" which is a seaweed.

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