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No it is not open on Easter Sunday.


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There is one in Toronto at sherway gardens mall. There is a Hollister there too.

No, the Westfield mall is not open during Easter Sunday.

SAM'S CLUB is one of the stores that they have easter eggs.

ester day open queens center mall?

No - I called them this morning to find out.

no there isn't, they have a hollister and forever 21 though!!

probley not almost all stores are closed on Easter Sunday except for walmat and problay walgrens

Yes! It is open on Easter Sundays and you can enjoy/participate in an Easter Egg hunt. Source(s):

Yes, there is an abercrombie kids store at sherway mall located in Toronto.

Many stores have varying business hours for Easter Sunday. Some locations that are open include:Movie TheatersThe Galleria Mall - store hours will vary inside the mallWalmartWalgreensCVSRite Aid

No, the mall is closed on Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving.

There are noumerous Hollister brand name clothing stores in ON. 3 to be exact one in Sherway Gardens mall, west Toronto. one in The Eaton Center, Yonge-Dundas Square, Toronto, ON and a brand new one in Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket ON. it's weird. Ontairo has 3 and there is one in Alberta, that's it for Canada....

The Mall is always open, and most likely Hot Topic is found in your nearest Town-center Mall so yes. Hoped it Helped ! (:

is the san francisco mayfield mall open easter

Call Citrus Park Mall for hours : 8021 Citrus Park Town Ctr Mall, Tampa, FL 33625. Phone (813) 926-4644. ChaCha for now!

Some stores are open, You pretty much have to call a perticular store to find out. The Mall is CLOSED today.

The Scarborough Town Centre is a mall which is open on Easter.

Sorry but it is not open on easter.

Depends on what mall you are going to. You can go on the search bar and type in whatever your mall is called.

yes, the mall will be closed tomorrow April 8 :)

You can only do it if you think the Easter bunny exists. You go to a mall with an Easter bunny in it, give him the note and wala!

no because the mall is not open and when the mall is closed you want have any where to go

If you live near a mall, you can usually go there, and then there will be an Easter bunny to take a picture with.

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