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Is SiH4 an ionic bond?


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no it is a covalent bond


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Ionic bondit's called an ionic bondAn ionic bond is the type of bond formed between a cation and an anion.Ionic.They form an ionic bond.

It, FeOH, is an ionic bond.

No, It is a covalent bond

Potassium chloride is an ionic compound which has an ionic bond. I wouldn't say that it is an ionic bond, it merely has one.

The ionic bond is between a cation and an anion.

KCl is an ionic compound. The KCl bond is an ionic bond. However, note that KCl is not a bond! It is a compound that has a bond!

Calcium chloride has an ionic bond.

It is considered to be ionic.

five characteristics of ionic bond

Magnesium sulfide has an ionic bond.

An ionic bond is a bond between two ions in a molecule.

IonicThe cation, Na + and the anion Cl - form the ionic bond, sodium chloride.

Copper is an element, so no it is not an ionic bond, but I believe it can make an ionic bond when bonded with other elements.

No, an ionic bond is considerably stronger than a hydrogen bond.

An ionic bond is weak, just like a hydrogen bond.

There is a bond in sodium chloride. It is a ionic bond.

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