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No. SiH4, known as silane, is a nonpolar molecule with polar bonds. Despite containing hydrogen, silane molecules do not feature hydrogen bonding between them because silane is nonpolar, and hydrogen bonding is a particle-level property of polar compounds.

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No. There is no hydrogen bonding in SiH4. For hydrogen bonding to occur, the hydrogen needs to be bonded to an electronegative element such as N, O or F.

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Q: Is SiH4 hydrogen bonding
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What kind of intermolecular forces are present in SiH4?

dipole force, hydrogen bonding, and dispersion force

What is the chemical formula of silicon hydrogen?


What elements are bonding to hydrogen in hydrogen bonding?

flourine oxygen and nitrogen forms hydrogen bonding with hydrogen

Why is C-H bond stronger than SiH4 bond?

checking bonding energy

Does CH3Cl have hydrogen bonding?

No. there is no hydrogen bonding in chloromethane

Can H2o have a hydrogen bonding?

Yea,it has hydrogen bonding

Can CH4 have a hydrogen bonding?

no,methane doesn't have hydrogen bonding

Does hydrogen have a partial negative charge?

Yes, when combined with Silicon (Si), as in SiH4.

Is water fluid because of hydrogen or covalent bonding?

Hydrogen bonding

The intramolecular hydrogen bonding can be determined by?

The intramolecular hydrogen bonding can be determined by

Does CF3H have hydrogen bonding?

nope, there's no hydrogen bonding because the hydrogen is not bonding whit any fluorine, just with the carbon

In which molecule is hydrogen bonding the strongest?

Hydrogen fluoride HF has the strongest hydrogen bonding. Water H2O and ammonia NH3 have the next strongest hydrogen bonding.

Is the hydrogen sulphide have hydrogen bonding or not?


What is the chemical bonding of water?

Hydrogen bonding.

How many bonds can a silicon have with hydrogen?

Four, to form the compound silane with formula SiH4.

What is hydrogen bonding?

Hydrogen bonding is when their is an electromagnetic attraction between the polar molecules in hydrogen and another atom.

Which molecule will not exhibit hydrogen bonding?

FON Remember this as it mean only hydrogen bonded to fluorine, oxygen and nitrogen will exhibit hydrogen bonding H2O ( water ) = hydrogen bonding as hydrogen is bonded to oxygen CO ( carbon monoxide ) = no hydrogen bonding Think electronegative differences.

Does HF exhibit hydrogen bonding?

HF exhibits very strong hydrogen bonding.

What is the hydrogen bonding interaction between acetone and ethanol?

inter mplecular hydrogen bonding

Does CH3CH2NH2 have hydrogen bonding?

Yes it has hydrogen bonding because the Nitrogen has lone pairs and it is bonded to a Hydrogen atom.

Does CH3OH show hydrogen bonding?

Yes, Hydrogen bonding is a hydrogen bonded to any Fluorine, Nitrogen or Oxygen.

What is the shape of SiH4?

SiH4 is tetrahedral.

What type of bonding is present on H2O?

Hydrogen Bonding

How many hydrogen atoms could covalent with silicon?

SiH4 (Silane) existsso Answer is max Four

What causes hydrogen bonding?

bonding of a covalently bonded hydrogen atom with an unshared electron pair