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Is Sidney Crosbys dad a golie?

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he used to be a goalie

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How old is Sidney Crosbys dad?

Troy Crosby is around 45 years old

Is Sidney Crosbys girlfriend pretty?

Sidney doesn't have a gf.

Who is Sidney Crosbys rival?

Alexander Ovechikan

What is Sidney Crosby's data of birth?

Sidney crosbys birthday is on august 7

What was Sidney Crosbys digree in?

Sidney Crosby does not have any post secondary education so he does not have a degree

What is Sidney Crosbys favorite movie?

His favourite movie is "The Replacements."

What is Sidney Crosbys natinality?

if you mean nationality...then the answer would be Canadian

What is Sidney Crosbys pay?

$8.7 million per season.

What was Sidney Crosbys first job?

a mail man haha not sry

What is Sidney Crosbys favorite number?

I'm assuming that it would be 87

Where are Sidney Crosbys parents?

Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada

What are Sidney Crosbys like doing?

play with small hocky sticks

What is Sidney Crosbys favorite song?

3 doors down is his favorite band

What was Sidney Crosbys second job?

he never had a second job it was always hockey

What is Sidney Crosbys mailing center?

i dont know but his cell is 905 376 1666

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